Telefunken TEL7J tablet

Telefunken TEL7J

Matches my Macbook perfectly!

Judging by the hammering this Telefunken TEL7J has had on the Net in reviews it is probably not going to be popular. It was serendipity which brought it to me and it is the perfect gadget for my life as it already has a real place. For a start it matches my Macbook. It cost 90 dollars. I had gone out to buy a 7 inch tablet because I have an iPod Touch, I have an iPad and I figured I needed to complete the set. Truth is, I wanted something I could carry easily in my bag. The iPod Touch is great for travelling. This Telefunken would be too. The iPad fits into my life when I am stationary at work or at home and it is great. The Telefunken is very portable because it is sturdy. I had found there were 7inch Android tablets with USB slots. The very thing – until I discovered there were none in the shops and the only thing on offer was a 7 inch Samsung Galaxy without USB and only 20 dollars cheaper than the 10 inch model. Not for me. As a last resort I went into a department store and they had the Telefunken at such a cheap price I thought it must be a joke. I asked to see the gadget and to see the specifications. android appsImmediately I could see where it would fit. It will be my 24/7 365 tablet . My organiser. It has a resistive screen so it is not smooth like the iPad but it is not bad at all and I have learnt from my phone that resistive screens can be annoying until you tame them and they settle in. It took a day.I use my Nintendo DS stylus because the stylus which came with it is like my phone one. Too small , too sharp for my liking and much too easily lost. At the moment it is charging happily on my computer. It has a wall plug too. I have learnt to work with it and I am more than happy with what it can do and how it operates. It goes quite fast on the Net. Faster than a Netbook and it streams radio easily, plays YouTube videos and downloads at a reasonable rate. You have to get apps from the SlideMe app. It won’t download them from the android marketplace. It plays videos and music very efficiently and music . The sound on music is not as good as video sound – in fact, it is pretty ordinary. It is better through ear buds. Video sound and quality are both very good. I changed the wallpaper easily and it loads files from my USB really fast. I can view Powerpoints, docs, PDFs and any Office files. It can use flash files too but not all of them because I cannot as yet get it to update to the most recent flash. StyleNote appStyleNote has been an excellent application for organising my lists and plans. EzNotePad is great for making notes. I have downloaded dictionaries and there is a big choice of books to read which suit me so I have downloaded some of those. I can connect it to my computer and move files to and from it. So I am happy that this will be a good addition to my working life especially and then something I can just have in my bag.The calendar doesn’t work unless you sync it to an online calendar but it is still there to give you the day and date. internetSome sites , like Facebook work on the mobile version . Others you get the full site. This little gadget is very careful to explain to me why it will or won’t do something or what the privacy, vulnerability issues will be in loading certain apps . It is a good teacher in that respect. I have been happy to be patient and work it out and am delighted with all the things it can do.I still need and will use my other gadgets . I used to always carry a diary. Now I shall always carry something like this.

The specifications are here.


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  1. Thanks for the great review. I’ve heard nothing but bad things about this tablet and it’s good to get a good review! We have just purchased one each of these tablets for our daughters to play games and use the camera. Do you know where or how to download free games? Everywhere I try it says it’s not compatible. Your expertise would be appreciated!!

    • As I said you have to use the SlideME app which is already on the Telefunken. It’s annoying because there is no search for the apps. It does have categories and the are plenty of games and educational things. You can hook it up to the computer too and put videos on for her to watch. I have been using mine constantly for over a week and have had to be patient but everyone I have shown it to is impressed with the fact I can go on the Net, quickly get stuff off my USB flash drive, play videos instantly, listen to music, stream radio and then have my apps that I like! You need to be on the wifi connection to get the apps from Slide me. Just tap on the icon and then it comes up with the categories.

    • If you do a Google search you can find a way to get the official Google Market on it. Not sure if you’re “allowed” to do it but whatever. It works fine. The site I found had simple step by step instructions and it only took 15-30 minutes to get it done. The official market works perfectly now.

      • Thanks so much for your reply. I’ll give that a go.

      • So hoe do we get google games on here ? what is the step by step instruction to go onto the official market ?

      • You can download the games through the application on the Telefunken or you can download the games onto your computer, connected the Telefunken and then shift them over onto the TEL7J

    • There is a search option. Press the Menu button located on the upper side of the tablet above the camera hole and a menu will pop up. You can select Search from there

  2. it heartens me to hear this, but I am still having problems. It keeps asking me for a disk, what do I do? Please. I just do not know how to use it. Wendy

    • When does it ask you for a disk? I mean, when does that message come up? Mine didn’t do that. I did get a micro SD card to put in the slot so I could increase storage. Try connecting it to a computer to try and settle it down. The first thing I did was charge it, then I hooked it up to my computer and just let it sit there while I was doing other things. I got rid of the things on the front screen except the Google search. I just slid them into the rubbish bin on right. I then checked all the apps and used SlideMe to download a couple of others. Go to settings /applications/ running applications and see if something is running that should not be. You tap and delete them. Hope that helps.

      • Hi Sally, it asks for a disk when I hook in to my computer. When it tries to install. I will try what you said. It is plugged in now. Thank you for answering me.

      • Oh, how odd. Just close that window and try opening your Telefunken in My Computer and access it there. But just try leaving it hooked up and if you are on the Net then it will maybe sort itself out. I just plugged mine in when I had just got it and left it alone while I did other things.

  3. hi sally07.
    I have the telefunken tablet too, however I have nothing but problems with it. Everytime I turn it off it resets itself. (Walls, apps, etc) and it pops up with a warning about the “google.framework.apps has stopped working unexpectedly” or something to that effect. Does this mean anything to you? I have no tech knowledge and really need help.

    • Can’t say mine has ever reset itself. I turn it off when I have finished with it to preserve battery life, but it hasn’t reset. I would try hooking it up to a computer while you are on the Net and get on with something else because the direct connection with the Net might help it sort itself out. I plugged mine into my computer the first day I had it. I then moved music and videos onto it.

      • I left mine connected to the net for ages, as you suggested, but to no avail Sally, I think it is a hopeless piece of junk. And this is my replacement one. So what do you do!

    • these are some tips I have received today, maybe they will help someone:

      Please contact our customer service centre in Sydney on 1800 111 727 (9-5pm Mon-Fri) for technical assistance with this unit.

      Apparently this is a common User error, our supplier has advised the following;

      “You don?t need install the MID driver.
      Plz advise your customer to cancel the installation wizard.
      You will find your android internal hdd or sd card at ?my computer? and easily transfer the file from/to the hdd drivers this way”

      luck to you suffers all.

      • Thank you for the phone number and the tips. Yes, the Telefunken comes up under My computer when you click on it. You can transfer files onto it this way.

  4. We have a TEL7J tablet at work and I have been trying without much luck to get it to read QR codes. I have downloaded a scanner from Slideme but when you open the app it it just takes a photo and does not scan at all. Has anyone used to tablet to successfully scan barcodes?

    • I haven’t installed a QR code reader yet. I must try it. I assumed it would be a problem because the camera faces forward so it might be hard to line the QR code up. I would think you’d have to guess. I use the iPad with a QR code reader and that has a back camera. I like a challenge. I’ll try the QR code reader on the Telefunken.

    • The camera on it isn’t that good. My guess would be that it can’t read it because the picture it takes is so blurry. Was about to go looking for a QR reader myself. I’ll let you know if I find one that works.

      • Hallo Mike. Thank you for both your useful and practical comments. I don’t find the camera any worse than on my iPad. They are both a bit dark and grainy. I can take forward facing pictures with it.That can make life interesting! I still have had no luck finding a free QR Code reader as on my iPad. I have downloaded free android apps since my last post and placed them in my downloads folder while I have the TEL7J connected to my computer. I then load them from the package app. Bit by bit we are getting good at this!

      • hi, can you tell me how to download from my computer please. I have put the ridiculous thing in a drawer. And what about the battery life, an hour or so if you are lucky.

      • hi, can you please tell me how to download from my computer? I have put the ridiculous thing in a drawer. What about the battery life!

      • @sally07: I never used iPad/pod/phone etc or any other tablet, so nothing to compare it to lol And I agree it’s not that bad a camera, but not good either. As I’ve said on another site, I didn’t buy it for a camera anyway so I consider it a bonus.

        To Wendy, just plug the provided usb cable into your computer and the tablet. After Windows installs the drivers for it, you should be able to open it just like any other drive via Computer/MyComputer. When I did it, Windows came up with an error saying one of the drivers didn’t install correctly. But it works fine anyway. Pretty sure it’s just my computer since it has done that for a few other things as well. It also had an error saying there’s no disk when I tried to open the tablet, but that was because the tablet wasn’t ready yet. Give it few seconds and try again. If it seems to take too long, click “Turn off USB storage” on the tablet and then click to turn it back on.

      • thank you Mike, when I can cope with looking at the stupid thing again I will try that. This is a note I received from my supplier about the disk and missing files:

        “You don?t need install the MID driver.
        Plz advise your customer to cancel the installation wizard.
        You will find your android internal hdd or sd card at ?my computer? and easily transfer the file from/to the hdd drivers this way”

      • Thank you for the comment, Wendy. The MID is the hard drive so to speak. You could try ignoring mad messages and just pressing the HOME button top left on your screen. Gets you straight to the desktop . Mike’s suggestions are helpful.

  5. […] have blogged about the Telefunken TEL7J and it is pleasing to see how many people have come with their problems. It is not an iPad, though […]

  6. i agree i love my tablet, but i mostly read with it, but also go to facebook etc, i have found that you do need to get comfortable with it, it is possible to install different apps on it but again, i played around with it for a while before i was able to get different things and apps working, battery life is good on mine, lasting up to 8 hours of constantly being on, with about 4 hours solid reading time. but it would be nice if there was a way to communicate with the company online, instead of by phone…

    • Totally agree. I think this tablet is pretty helpful once you get the hang of it and I find it good for ready because it is not back lit like the iPad. I also think the company does need to create an online spot to help us feel at home. I have downloaded useful apps which I have blogged about but there are not so many of them as there are with the iPad. My battery life has also been sound. Your point about playing around with it is important. Thank you for the comment.

  7. Great little tablet, bought 2. Have you found anything to Stream via your Wi-Fi network? Would like to be able to stream series and movies via my network if possible.



    • I have only streamed radio and and news programmes…podcasts. I have found it plays video really well but haven’t streamed video. The radio is reliable connection all the time. Thank you for your comment.

      • I agree, the video and audio(with earphones) quality is rather impressive for such a cheap little tablet. Now if only I can connect it to my Home Network to share files and stream Movies etc, it would be perfect…

      • Do you mean as in wifi network? Oh yes, sharing files would be good but presumably you would set that up on your windows/main computer. That does pick up the TELJ7. Then I would think you’d go into the has to be possible.

  8. […] clearly how images can carry your message and just how important people view social media to be. 2.Telefunken TEL7J tablet This is an android tablet I just happened to see and was so cheap I bought it. I then sat with it […]

  9. I bought my daughter the TEL7J and I can’t get it to download flash player. I would appreciate if anyone could help me to download flash player because my daughter wants to play club penguin with her friends. Many thanks. Alpha

  10. does anyone know how to reset your password if you forgot it

    • Don’t know for sure because I haven’t done it. maybe if you connect it to your computer and try and get in that way?

    • I’m pretty sure the only way to do it is to use the factory reset button on top. But that will put it back to the way it was when you bought it.

      • With the iPad you can reset it by syncing it back to the computer. The TEL7J isn’t something you sync to a computer but I thought maybe you could get back in that way. Resetting is only a problem if you have signifcant things on there but I keep most of my stuff on a flash drive. Backing up is important. As I said I haven’t had to do it so it’s a case of trying to find someone who has or maybe Telefunken giving us some information which would help.

  11. My TEL7J has gone all streaky on the screen and cannot be read ot activated anymore. I thought it might be caused by RFI, but the problem persists. Is there a simple fix?

    • I guess that is possible if you are near other devices or out puts. Even sun spots can interfere with reception. Does sound a bit weird though. You haven’t somehow squashed the screen? It’s pretty sturdy but I broke my resistive phone screen like that when I squashed it somehow in my bag.

  12. I´m looking for Display: Size: 7.0” TFT touch panel LCD disply, 160 K color
    Resolution: 800*480 for this tablet because my litle boy had crash it. Can you tell me where can I found it in australia. thank you

  13. Hi, Can anyone help? My parents have a TEL7J and have asked me to set it up for them. I intially set up my email on it, but now want to delet it and set thiers up as the default. How do I remove my email as the default?

    • Just delete your account from the account settings and put in theirs. Look for the account settings – that is where you add and delete accounts.

  14. I just saw the Telefunken TEL7J tablet at Kmart today for $49 – I thought it must have been a joke kid’s toy – so thought I’d check it out on the net. Does the browser on it handle javascript on webpages in a normal fashion?

  15. do you know how much space it has on it like does it have gb or something?

    • I fitted an 8GB micro card to increase storage. I also use USB flash drives for storage. Onboard there are about 700MB of space – like a CD. So for a 7″ portable it has plenty of storage options.

  16. they can text here?

  17. Hi I just got a telefunken 7″ tablet but having problems removing the other users information off of it.
    I also have problems downloading the google play store app.
    Can you advise me what to do please.

    • I would connect it to a computer and delete what you want but go to the user accounts and delete them on the tablet. I have also found it a good way to install apps if they prove difficult.I found when I had the Telefunken first of all I had to press on all the icons and discover what they did. I felt better after I had navigated those.

  18. I have a tel 7jb tablet. I enjoy it but I can not copy files from usb stick. Please help.

    • I cannot find a way to copy from a USB stick. I move files to a USB stick so I can read them on the TELJ7. I move files from my computer onto the micro card by connecting it to the computer. For those who don’t know you go to Settings USB mode select and tick the box so you can access files on the USB.

  19. Can you access facebook on the Tel tab.

  20. i does this tab play games like gta 3 does it even have a gpu how fast is the cpu

  21. please answer or post a video on youtube with the game spec i wana buy a tab for playing games

    • There might be other things on YouTube about the tablet. I mainly use mine for things like cooking, organising my daily routine, listening to podcasts and streaming radio and reading files off my USB. I use it like an extended diary. I also watch a lot of videos on it and read books because it is has a good screen for reading books.

  22. how can i download games in TEL7J?

    • You go to the screen with the applications and you go to the SlideMe application. It has a lot of choices and the educational games are good. You can also download Google apps but I have to say that in my experience it doesn’t always work. The Telefunken files are .apk so you can also slide then over from your computer.

  23. when can i download games in tel7j?

  24. Hi, I just bought me the telefunken tablet as well, when i click on a photo on my memory stick it gives me the option to copy but it doesnt give me a paste option anywhere, how do one copy your pictures?

    • I guess you would need to open an application where you would want to paste the photos like Documents to go or an email. You can load the images into other applications or use them as wallpapers. Bit more like a phone. The only other way I shift pictures is by connecting the TELJ7 to the computer. I tend to use the camera and then add pictures to apps.

  25. Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with my zynga group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Thanks

  26. hi, I’m probably not sure how it works, but i tried connecting my USB Internet dongle straight to the device and I still can’t access the internet. I haven’t tried Wi-Fi yet, but would like to use my current USB Internet dongle. Please help

    • I have never used mobile internet on the Tel7J. Some mobile sticks are really only successful with Windows. Maybe someone else has tried it and will write here. Theoretically it ought to be possible. It goes on a wifi system easily. The tablet is a cross between a tablet and a mobile device so I guess it might be hard to connect via mobile internet stick.

  27. fixed the tablet with a cynogenmod,managed to get it to function as a picture slideshow frame.
    Search for the firmware was a fail.
    Doing a kernel driver compilation.

    • If you are doing a firmware replacement – that would probably be out of the realms of most . From what I understand cynogenmod should give you more options. Which version did you use? My next question ,which might seem silly to you, is why then a kernel driver compilation or is that because the TELJ7 has some weird hardware? My third question is , is this hard ? To run the tablet as a picture frame would be a good use for a lot of people, especially if they are having trouble navigating it. Thank you for dropping by and contributing to the comments on the TELJ7.

  28. how do u do a factory reset on this tablet?

  29. i only ask how to reset because i forgot my password and cant unlock it to use again

    • Go to the settings icon and tap on that. Right at the bottom of the list is factory reset as an option. Recommend backing up your data onto a computer or through the back up option offered in the same place in settings. Good luck!

  30. hy im new on using TEL7J tablet. So please people tell me what must i do if i want to backup my tablet? How can i set up a mobile network cause i tried with all my best to use different USB Modems but doesnt want to work on my tablets… Can i buy SD first before i backup my tablet or i can do a backup without a SD? Please help me people im so curious to know about the settings. Thanks alot!

    • Can’t tell you about a mobile network but I’ll be reloading my mobile stick in a couple of weeks and will give it a whirl to see if I can get it to work. It is probably through a VPN setting. I have a micro SD inserted into the TelJ7 but you could back up onto a USB stick too. Go to settings and scroll down. You’ll see the option to back up tablet.

  31. tnx Cathy W i did check but i culdnt c dos setingz. I cn check dem on my tablet or in computer

    • Look for the settings icon where the other screen icons are for your apps. You have the screen full of apps like slide me, google, files and you’ll see the settings app.

  32. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now
    each time a comment is added I get four emails with
    the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Thanks a lot!

    • How annoying. That would be a WordPress problem and you could let them know that. If you want to unsubscribe then there ought to be an option at the bottom of the emails you receive. I can’t actually unsubscribe people because it is run through WordPress.

  33. Tnx 4 al ur advices ppl. Amost a mnth nw im nt using dt tablet cz i took it bk 2 de shop 2 c if der is no software short on it, i tried 2 use different USB Modems bt de mobile netwrk dsnt show up. Im so suprised bcz evn de suppliers ddnt knw wht 2 do on dt table de worse part at furniture dy r blank lyk unwritten paper abt ds tablet, so im deciding 2 cancel a deal abt it.

    • Glad you sorted it all out. Pity you couldn’t use your USB modem. I think it would have to be installed in the VPN settings and that’s a bit tricky. It’s just a simple tablet.

  34. I have a TELEFUNKEN 7″ TABLET, i downloaded a launcher it stoped working. I keep getting a messege saying, sorry the launcher has stopes unexpectely over and over. I tried to reset it but it stop, i cant seem to go back to the tablet launcher. Please help

  35. This messege keeps popping in, sorry the launcher has stopped unexpectetly. I’m not able to access my settings to format the tablet or change the launcher, i don’t know what to do please help.:(

    • All I can sugggest is a factory reset and the info for that is on the paper which comes with it. How annoying for you. Maybe connect it to a computer and try and relaunch it that way?

  36. what is connected in the 3g pocket because i am not using my line nw

  37. I have got one too, but is failing to connect to internet because the network symbol is cancelled by a wrong mark on it so i want to know what is the problem?

  38. i have a Telefunken TEL7J Fly version tablet how do i install new android O.S. it recently locked form several pattern attempts

    • Not sure what you mean by pattern attempts. I have never changed an Android system on a device. I have changed other OS on other devices but not Android. I had thought of updating my TELJ7 to a newer Android system but them got distracted! What I was going to do was go on YouTube and Vimeo to see if I could find a decent video clip which showed how to change the Android system on a tablet like this. My SmartPhone automatically updates itself. I’d also be searching to get a decent set of instructions on the net. I would not attempt it unless I was pretty sure. Have you tried connecting the tablet to your computer to see if you can access it that way? Just a suggestion. Good luck.

  39. […] has put my trusty TEL7J to work. It was a very inexpensive tablet which I have blogged about here. It is durable and that’s the main advantage in the kitchen. I am not worrying about whether […]

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    • You are very kind. I appreciate you took the time to tell me why my blog is of value to you. I am glad you got some good help. Have a happy day.

  41. Does Tel7j have Bluetooth?…. please help…

  42. pattern reset?

    • Pattern reset of what? Thank you for the comment.

      • I forget my pattern lock, how do I reset a telefunken tel7Jb if the reset button is just restarting and it does have the power, menu and esc buttons only… please I need your help

      • I forget my pattern lock, how do I unlock my telefunken tel7Jb if the reset button is just restarting and it does have the power, menu and esc buttons only… please I need your help

      • Not sure but it might be more accessible if you connect it to a computer and wifi/internet connection.

  43. This Һaѕ been a terrific read. Ιt enchanted mе, sokmething ԝhich scarcely happens to me ,
    and I can not wait tο hear more.

  44. […] Mac OS shortcuts Telefunken TEL7J tablet Turn 2D images into 3D online Polish your presentations 5 classroom uses for Apimac Timer Microsoft […]

  45. Hi i want to buy TEL7j and i want to know if it have Navigator?

    • Navigator? If that is the name of an app, then no. It works a bit like a mobile phone so if you are looking for a GPS it might have one. I don’t need it for that. Hopefully someone else can help you.

  46. hi can u please help me
    my tel tablet all of a sudden cant read sim card ..
    i think it is because i often remove the sim cards without switching the tablet off
    is there anyway i can solve this problem
    the sim magament column on the Settings menu is not appearing

    • The only thing I can think of is to reset the TELJ7. You can try rubbing the sim car with some cloth to remove dirt, but you might be right…it might be because you frequently remove it. That would wear out the slot. You could try a piece of paper cut to the shape of the sim card and put it underneath the sim card so the slot holds more firmly.

  47. it is a tel73gi model

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  49. Hw do I unlock pattern?


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