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Top Posts March 2012My last review of top posts is here. Well, there has been quite a bit of change with my top posts this quarter.
1. Differentiating social media features an image I chanced upon and thought showed very effectively not only how embedded social media now are in our society but also how they vary slightly in their impact , use and capacity to effect change. For the first time I have a post which exceeds my home page hits – by quite a bit. That post has been a runaway success and demonstrates clearly how images can carry your message and just how important people view social media to be.
2.Telefunken TEL7J tablet This is an android tablet I just happened to see and was so cheap I bought it. I then sat with it and found it is actually a pretty handy little gadget. The posts I have put up not only have been very popular , they have drawn lots of comments and the group of people who have commented have also shared tips and tricks. It is not as intuitive as some gadgets and so you have to work through a few little barriers to get the best out of it.
3. MeTV Ubuntu 10.04 Me TV works on the newer versions of Ubuntu too. It is a reliable, helpful piece of software for Linux and this post has been right up there ever since I wrote it.
4. Mini Mac OS shortcuts This is about a little mini book you can make with all the Mac shortcuts you could possibly want. It is helpful, handy and very easy to assemble. Recently this post has just been rocketing. Guess new Macbook users are realising this is a great minibook which you can easily stash.
5. Live TV on Linux Mint Anything to do with Live TV on Linux seems to be very popular and this post shows just how easily I got my stick TV tuner running on Linux Mint. Piece of cake!

There are two other posts I am tracking. Create an online learning adventure where a group of us were ably led by Ali Anani into creating a group presentation came in at number thirteen in my top twenty posts. There was a lot of interest in our online group collaboration. The sister presentation Assessing an online learning adventure came in at number 16. There is interest in how to develop and make good use of online learning and collaboration but the interest is not sustained like it is with tech and social media posts. We still need to get it right with education so that becomes the thing which creates a buzz. It is future proofing.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks, Sally. Lovely summary and reminder. I am happy that you are monitoring our joint learning efforts. People will take time to apprehend new experiences.

    • Yes, what you did was quite unique and it stirred up quite a lot of interest. The trick is to sustain it. Educational things don’t seem to sustain interest on the Net and that is a real challenge. it ought to be one of the most important things. Thank you for your comment.

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