What to do in self isolation

Most of the world is self isolating or in lockdown because we don’t want the coronavirus to spread. We are keeping ourselves safe and others safe. For an introvert that is not a problem. They no longer have to make up excuses not to see people and do things. For most it is a shock. The routine of work and school provide a structure and often overload to the day. Clubs, sport, social groups fill in the time. We are now having to recreate a life without much external stimulus and without scaffolding.

It means for many they are confronted with their lack of technology skills because someone could always help. Now they are not there or you can’t reach them easily. If that is the case then learning something to do with technology each day will help. YouTube, Udemy and web searches will all help. Tina Yong , in the video , suggests MasterClass but that has a paid monthly or annual subscription. You may or may not be able to afford it. Look for the free options. People like Tina Yong are starting to put up videos of how to manage being at home in isolation or quarantine. Some are not helpful, others give some sound and practical ideas. More will appear online and more things will be available online. This is a chance to improve what is offered online, to contribute and also to consume for your own purposes. Connectivity means we can quickly circulate ideas and we are. We can structure them more now as people are starting to understand what this all means. Lifelong learning is how we shall do this.

Technology helping with COVID-19

It was always going to come. We live in the age of technology. COVID-19 is now forcing us to find new and better uses for all this equipment we have been playing with. There are even ways to use computers to help find a cure for COVID-19.  The video explains a lot about how the world is rallying and using what we have around us by way of devices to help solve real problems.

A lot of people are already working online. More and more will do that. We have to shift ourselves into online workplaces, neighbourhoods and social events. We are going to learn we can build a virtual society and economy. Web conferences will be the go and parliaments ought to be running online. This keeps people safe but it keeps the organisational structures in place. They should not be abandoned.

There are already some good articles being published about how technology and COVID-19 are changing us and our world. There are articles about how technology is being utilised to fight against this virus.

All of this is sudden and baffling but we have each other…online. We need to ensure everyone can be connected so they can get the help and information they need. It has to be a priority that people can access and use devices to connect. Our world is moving online for as long as it takes. There will be adventures, frustrations, failures and muddles but there will be a lot of success and a lot of heart. We can do this. We have been rehearsing for quite some time now.

Web conferencing

So many people are moving online to connect with each other for various purposes. Makes sense. We have the technology. In Australia we may have issues because our NBN is not one of the world’s best. That’s another story. It may be that net access and usage will be triaged so that essential services are met first if the corona virus creates enough havoc. We’ll see.

I have noticed the most mentioned web conferencing software is Zoom. Join.me is another good one which you can trial for free and for small face to face video connections you can use  the free Skype, FaceTime, Messenger and iMessages apps.

Zoom Basic is free and there are apps you can download for mobile devices. Then there are priced versions of Zoom. This is fair. You can try it out properly and then decide whether you need a paid version.

TechRadar has a sound review of Zoom. Zapier has some tips and tricks you might like.

It is vital we stay connected and it is important we share our best tips and tricks for doing that . Some of the connectivity will be dealing with some big issues but the bulk of it needs to prove to us that we are all connected and can manage socially and competently in a virtual environment.

Now, clean those screens, please!




Problems with Chrome

Chrome has become a bit of a problem this year. After years of reliable, solid service service, I have had to discontinue using it on Windows 10. I still use Chromium on Linux. There are concerns about personal data being compromised. There are difficulties with opening it and there are , what I had , where it pushes the hard disk to 100% usage when you browse with Chrome.

When I had problems opening it , I changed the compatibility to Windows 8 and Chrome opened and worked well. I also deleted the extensions in Chrome which I did not really need. It was fine and then the last Windows 10 update came through and that was that. Chrome is my favourite browser. Edge is okay and I can get along with Edge but it is not my favourite. Others swear by Firefox. We all want to have our favourites these days.

The University College of London has information, with suggestions,  about the Chrome issues . 

The AI video gives a work around which has helped some people. I am hoping Google will sort Chrome out and resolve the difficulties surrounding Chrome.


Poor camera colour Samsung A8

samsung camera

Samsung camera

It has been driving me crazy. I love my Samsung A8 which has served me very well…but, but , but the colour on the camera can let me down. It is important to me to get the right colour sometimes. In general photos it is fine but trying to get good colour with reds and greens on specific things has been disappointing. I literally watch the colour drain as I set the shot up. Worse with greens. Bad with burgundies and clarets. I tried downloading an HD camera app. No difference. This morning I thought I would see if I can actually do something about it. it is not just an A8 or a Samsung problem. It is a bit of an Android problem . Haven’t asked people with iPhones.

Other colours are not so troublesome with close ups. My best effort is to stand a metre away and then crop the photos. That tends to preserve the colour integrity better. I did also find clearing the cache and app data of the camera app helped a tiny bit.

The spun wool is a light olive green colour. Neither camera app could pick that up. The Samsung picked it up closer to the phone after data and cache clearing. The colour is almost right when I take the photo from a metre away then crop.

Samsung camera app

Samsung camera app data and cache cleared

HD camera app

HD Camera app

There may be other solutions to this but it is annoying to have to go searching when phone cameras are a big part of our lives these days.

Meanwhile, I shall take in the tips and tricks for the camera on techguide.




Samsung camera app

Samsung camera 1 metre away cropped.

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