Assessing an online learning adventure

Analysing our online learning adventure has become quite a challenge. That last post about creating an online learning adventure has proven to be very popular and is currently my best post for the month. Whether it gets into the top 5 for the quarter remains to be seen. There is time and I should like it to do well because education is still undervalued on the internet and the only way to change that is to keep creating material and constantly striving to find educational and educative ways of promoting content sharing and learning. This idea of us all creating material to go into a slide presentation called Organise and Analyse has proven to be very successful. So now we are in the slow lane trying to work out how we are going to analyse what we have done. It’s new ground so thinking it through is important. Ali, who organised our co-authored presentation, has used some software to look at how our material was utilised, how we connected and what was proving to be popular. The software is looking at networking and participation and the sorts of areas which connected ideas. As a teacher I cannot help but think in terms of assessment rubrics. There are some good ones you can use at teacherplanet. I already looked at it from the point of view of our Teaching for Effective Learning guidelines in South Australia when I wrote the last post. So how would I charter and assess this co-authored presentation given it’s new ground?

1. Participation: There was a high level of participation both in the comments section of the slide presentation and the slides themselves
2. Continuity : There was a continuity of ideas and they were explored before another idea was taken on.
3. Consistency: There was a consistency of approach even though authors chose different ways of expressing themselves. They all approached the matter with thought and well constructed ideas to put forward.
4. Clear and understandable content: No one needed clarification as to what we were doing and what had been expressed. The next author could and did logically follow the previous and built on that idea or moved it in a slightly different direction.
5. Effective connections : There were very good connections with art, literature, science, marketing, global issues, environmental issues, social issues and historical knowledge. That was the highlight of this co-authored work – just how much knowledge it incorporated.

Looking at how we achieved that is important so that it can be replicated. Understanding the social dynamics of our group work is important to ironing out the bugs and ensuring any future efforts are based on best practice.

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  1. Sally,

    You have written a great post and in the process removed my moderator hat. As a moderator, I wanted to be neutral and report results in a professional way. I was hoping somebody would evaluate the experience and you did admirably well.
    You actually refered to self-organizing experience, without directly mentioning so. I agree totally with your evaluation. May I request you to prepare this material in few slides so that I may incorporate in the presentation. This will enrich the analysis presentation.


    • I’ll try and think how to make this into slides and will email them so you asap. Yes, it is interesting how people resist being self organising. We have had good leadership training in this at work and now I have had it here on this slide presentation. People never think they can do things for themselves and they can! Maybe you need to look at how you can represent us as a self organising group. We were good until we got to the analysis requirement and now we are going slowly.


      • Sally,

        this is the first time I write a comment on a blog and I feel I fail to thank you for your evaluation of our “online learning adventure”. So, let me say just thank you.


      • I really appreciate the fact you took the time to comment on my blog. I really appreciate it and the contributions you have made to the online learning adventure.


  2. Sally,
    Allow me to be more frank. Some authors contributed a slide and never commented or even favored the presentation being co-authors. Some authors like yourself showed every sign of engagement. Look at the cover slide and you shall see some big spheres (balls) and some very tiny ones. Also, look at the spikes coming from each sphere or out as this reflects the engagement of each person. So, I expect Pareto Rule to be in operation wherein 20% of authors contribute 80% of the comments.
    I think we are talking about the output. The longer term outcome will surely give great ideas out of this experience


  3. Sally,

    Charles Prabakar added a great comment and I responded by inserting slide 17.
    I am waiting for your slides to add meat to the bones



  4. Charles added a slide and made a powerful comment, in response to your comment. Sally, you shall be proud of what he said about you. You deserve it


  5. […] posts. There was a lot of interest in our online group collaboration. The sister presentation Assessing an online learning adventure came in at number 16. There is interest in how to develop and make good use of online learning and […]


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