Making videos on your phone

The world is making big demands in terms of technology. One of those demands is we help each other navigate the things we need to be able to do because we are staying at home, in quarantine, working from home or in isolation because we want to stay safe and keep others safe. When it comes to technology we cannot know everything, we can’t do everything and we can’t feel bad because we don’t know. I have been helping others who contact me achieve their learning aims in terms of technology. Others have helped me. We are all fantastic when we hold hands across the ether.

One of the things people are needing to do is make videos . They need to for work purposes and they need to because it is a way of helping or entertaining others. These videos keep us productive , focused and sane. It is a weird world out there. I am sharing this video by Think Media because it is a four part series which goes through all the basics and allows you to understand how to use your phone better for videos. Tips from this will help you get better value out of a mobile device which you always have. Not everyone has video and sound equipment. Most people have a smartphone. They can cost a lot. Learn to get the best value out of them. By the end of these four videos you will feel much better and more confident in making videos. Take a tip from Think Media and just relax and enjoy what you are doing.

Aust Federal Govt apps for COVID-19

Yesterday the Australian Federal Government announced its new digital apps support so we can manage the COVID-19. Part of that is a notifications capability on WhatsApp. Bear in mind WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook. The video shows you how to download the app and use its features. I had it on my phone and sent the government a message early this morning. So far, no response. The instructions for doing that are here on Canberra Times.

The other thing you can do is download the Coronavirus Australia app from Apple or for Android. I got it from the PlayStore last night but there seem to be issues so get it directly from the government site. It did not show up in Google Play when I searched for it to give a link on this blog. Hopefully that is fixed soon. It seems to be there now. Gizmodo seems to be onto keeping us informed about how to get the Android version of the app.

Poor camera colour Samsung A8

samsung camera

Samsung camera

It has been driving me crazy. I love my Samsung A8 which has served me very well…but, but , but the colour on the camera can let me down. It is important to me to get the right colour sometimes. In general photos it is fine but trying to get good colour with reds and greens on specific things has been disappointing. I literally watch the colour drain as I set the shot up. Worse with greens. Bad with burgundies and clarets. I tried downloading an HD camera app. No difference. This morning I thought I would see if I can actually do something about it. it is not just an A8 or a Samsung problem. It is a bit of an Android problem . Haven’t asked people with iPhones.

Other colours are not so troublesome with close ups. My best effort is to stand a metre away and then crop the photos. That tends to preserve the colour integrity better. I did also find clearing the cache and app data of the camera app helped a tiny bit.

The spun wool is a light olive green colour. Neither camera app could pick that up. The Samsung picked it up closer to the phone after data and cache clearing. The colour is almost right when I take the photo from a metre away then crop.

Samsung camera app

Samsung camera app data and cache cleared

HD camera app

HD Camera app

There may be other solutions to this but it is annoying to have to go searching when phone cameras are a big part of our lives these days.

Meanwhile, I shall take in the tips and tricks for the camera on techguide.




Samsung camera app

Samsung camera 1 metre away cropped.

6th generation iPad

As well as my Samsung A8 phone, I upgraded my iPad Air to a 6th generation iPad. I wanted the gold but they had sold out so I got the silver. Colour isn’t actually going to make one bit of difference to how the tablet works. The gold is amazingly popular, though.

The prices were very good and iPads are cheaper. This was well worth the outlay. The iPad Air was a bit smaller than a normal iPad. It didn’t really make a difference and made it ultra portable. It did suit my Logitech Bluetooth keyboard better in size. All of that is with a new owner who can make good use of it.

The new iPad connects to my 5G wi-fi and there have been no issues with it dropping out like I had with the iPad Air on the normal wi-fi. The nbn connection can be flaky at times. It also runs very smoothly in terms of gesturing and moving between apps and screens. It is running on iOS The integration really is seamless and so using it is a real pleasure especially since the camera takes better photos which are actually decent. iPads have never been very good with photos.  With the improvement in my phone and now with this iPad I really feel like I have come into 2019 very well set up and loving mobile technology. It is no longer half baked , make do stuff.

I have my bluetooth case and that protects the iPad and has made it more productive and functional. It can work with an Apple pencil which I haven’t as yet purchased and it will be far better for augmented reality which is set to grow significantly.

This iPad is less intrusive and less pushy so I am getting the impression mobile technology has worked out we don’t want to be swamped by push notifications and something which takes over our device.

It’s the size of a normal iPad and I am glad to have that back. Screen real estate is important when graphics are so good these days.

There is a review of it here on laptopmag.

6th generation ipad

Samsung A8

Samsung A8I have never adapted so quickly to a new smart phone. My Samsung S5 was getting slower and having storage problems. It was time for a new phone. I never want a top of the range really expensive one. I don’t see the point. I worked out the A8 was probably the one for me and it is. I have taken to it like a duck to water. Best thing was I shopped around and got a really good price.

It comes with a Smart Switch, phone cable, ear buds, plastic phone back and wall plug charger. It took no time at all , really , to get the data off my old phone using the Smart Switch. It took no time to get on the mobile network and it was my own phone once I put the SD card in. So a couple of hours or less and I was on my new phone and fully functional. That has never happened before.

I love the screen real estate, the intuitive gesturing, the helpful hints and the cruisy feel of it. Everything is instant and seamless. Photos are organised logically. Apps and contacts are easily found. Screenshots are slightly different. You have to use the start button on the side and the volume down button. The screenshots are fast compared with my S5.

Others who have used it have been very impressed. I am. It is so easy to customise, use and find out about. It is very similar to a J8 but has more ram and a slightly smaller screen. I went for the ram as it makes a difference in functionality.

I do not find this phone pushy and intrusive as other smartphones have been. It has got it right on information and notifications. Searches also bring up the help you actually need.

You can read the specifications on the Samsung site.

Samsung A8

All in all, this phone has been a really pleasant surprise and continues to be so.

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