Telefunken TEL7J tablet

Telefunken TEL7J

Matches my Macbook perfectly!

Judging by the hammering this Telefunken TEL7J has had on the Net in reviews it is probably not going to be popular. It was serendipity which brought it to me and it is the perfect gadget for my life as it already has a real place. For a start it matches my Macbook. It cost 90 dollars. I had gone out to buy a 7 inch tablet because I have an iPod Touch, I have an iPad and I figured I needed to complete the set. Truth is, I wanted something I could carry easily in my bag. The iPod Touch is great for travelling. This Telefunken would be too. The iPad fits into my life when I am stationary at work or at home and it is great. The Telefunken is very portable because it is sturdy. I had found there were 7inch Android tablets with USB slots. The very thing – until I discovered there were none in the shops and the only thing on offer was a 7 inch Samsung Galaxy without USB and only 20 dollars cheaper than the 10 inch model. Not for me. As a last resort I went into a department store and they had the Telefunken at such a cheap price I thought it must be a joke. I asked to see the gadget and to see the specifications. android appsImmediately I could see where it would fit. It will be my 24/7 365 tablet . My organiser. It has a resistive screen so it is not smooth like the iPad but it is not bad at all and I have learnt from my phone that resistive screens can be annoying until you tame them and they settle in. It took a day.I use my Nintendo DS stylus because the stylus which came with it is like my phone one. Too small , too sharp for my liking and much too easily lost. At the moment it is charging happily on my computer. It has a wall plug too. I have learnt to work with it and I am more than happy with what it can do and how it operates. It goes quite fast on the Net. Faster than a Netbook and it streams radio easily, plays YouTube videos and downloads at a reasonable rate. You have to get apps from the SlideMe app. It won’t download them from the android marketplace. It plays videos and music very efficiently and music . The sound on music is not as good as video sound – in fact, it is pretty ordinary. It is better through ear buds. Video sound and quality are both very good. I changed the wallpaper easily and it loads files from my USB really fast. I can view Powerpoints, docs, PDFs and any Office files. It can use flash files too but not all of them because I cannot as yet get it to update to the most recent flash. StyleNote appStyleNote has been an excellent application for organising my lists and plans. EzNotePad is great for making notes. I have downloaded dictionaries and there is a big choice of books to read which suit me so I have downloaded some of those. I can connect it to my computer and move files to and from it. So I am happy that this will be a good addition to my working life especially and then something I can just have in my bag.The calendar doesn’t work unless you sync it to an online calendar but it is still there to give you the day and date. internetSome sites , like Facebook work on the mobile version . Others you get the full site. This little gadget is very careful to explain to me why it will or won’t do something or what the privacy, vulnerability issues will be in loading certain apps . It is a good teacher in that respect. I have been happy to be patient and work it out and am delighted with all the things it can do.I still need and will use my other gadgets . I used to always carry a diary. Now I shall always carry something like this.

The specifications are here.

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