Amazing anatomy

human body If you are looking for interactive materials for health, nutrition or science then Science, anatomy and health is the place for you. There is a wide choice of useful and interesting materials which students can engage with or you can use on your whiteboard. It is a well thought out and well planned site and it is no wonder it has won a number of awards. If you check up on the menu bar there is also a blog which supports the site.

QR Codes are go!

QRcodes I think everyone is getting excited about QR codes now. If you want data about QR Codes and their market penetration in different countries then Heidi Cohen has done a fabulous job of collecting it all and displaying it really well. This will help you to know how important QR codes are becoming. It may well be they are a fad but everyone has mobile technology and they want to use it. QR Codes give them that opportunity. Restaurants are starting to use them because they are a very effective way of engaging their public. Isn’t that what our schools and classrooms are about? Scoop it has some very solid links to sites which will help you work out how to use QR Codes to engage your learners and your learning community. Youngupstarts has 50 ways to use QR codes in a classroom. So , by now, you are probably developing some ideas about how to use QR codes. After 4 blog posts I am starting to get workable ideas. At the moment I am thinking a theme or a text and then the qr codes would surround that to link resources to help students learn the language and get the information they need to create their own assignment. it is also how students could link information to something they are doing. This would be especially useful to students who don’t have laptops but who do have access to mobile technology. There is a novelty value for sure, but the more you look , the more you can see that they are probably here to stay and will just get better at sharing information via mobile sources.

Cool QR Codes

Let the reporter introduce this show in Brittany in French and then sit back and watch how cool QR Codes can be! They are not just a code which connects the real world to the virtual world in less than 40 seconds. They can be art and totally transform how we view art. So the video will will probably capture your imagination as it did mine. I am still stuck with trying to work out how I could use them in my classroom. I can see how they could be used in course booklets and printed materials coming from the school to home where they would link to online sites and video clips which would give students and parents more information about events or courses. I can see this working well. So what about my classroom? Scott Sibberson has shared some good , down to earth ideas about how to use QR Codes in physics and science. Alice Leung has also come up with a really hands on way of using QR Codes in class to create effective learning. I have also found the BeQRious forum (what a clever name!) which discusses all sorts of things to do with QR Codes. So I’ll keep on looking and searching until I can think of the thing which will be valid learning using QR Codes in my classroom.

So, what can I do with QR codes?

This video on QR codes for periodic tables shows you there is sound educational value in developing QR codes but we are at the stage where it will be labour intensive in some respects to get some decent value out of QR codes. The high resolution image of the tables is here. It’s extraordinary and a totally different way of thinking about how you can share information and then putting mobile technology at the centre of it. If you are like me and you are still not sure how you could use them in your classroom, then let me share some good sites with you. WIZIQ gives you a no nonsense explanation and some examples of QR codes to try. Cool Cat Teacher Blog has some very hands on material because Cool Cat Teacher is a teacher and so has had a comprehensive look at what QR codes can and cannot do in a classroom and the sorts of problems you might be faced with. There are some good practical applications on the site. Best Colleges Online has a number of very practical ideas for QR codes with further links out which will probably get you thinking about what you can do with QR codes. ITBabble has an excellent discussion of the QR codes to highlight whether they really do have any real value and perhaps are just something which might create social injustice or isolation and then extra work. This article provides the balance to the discussion so you go about your thinking of QR codes with your feet on the ground! I plan to try them and the thought of being able to put QR codes on a slide show and have the students actively involved with that appeals to me. The value, the use, the point and the purpose will become clearer to me when I get QR codes for a trial in my classroom. Two things are selling them to me at the moment:

1. Students like using their mobile phones and QR codes could make good use of them.
2. QR codes save paper and other resources. I am all for that.

QR Code Alchemy

QR Codes I have just made a QR code and I tell you – it is alchemy. It is strange and weird but so amazing. These coded images can transfer information and can be used in a classroom. They would be a good use of mobile technology. I have actually been using my iPad to scan the codes and it is extraordinary how you scan the image and go to a web page or photo or to read a text. It is so quick. Students have phones with cameras. So do we. We need to make use of this! There is an explanation here at Technomag about QR codes and then you can watch the slide presentation by Marielle Lange which shows some practical classroom applications. I generated my code here.

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