Never turn a page again

This video is only 1 minute 25 seconds and yet, by the end of it I had forgotten what it was meant to be about. Lost in learning! Lost in intrigue. Lost in the wonder of all that was occurring. It’s all physics. It’s a video which makes people want to know and find things out. On top of that, it is funny. It’s a carefully planned, well thought out , high impact lesson. It would have taken brainstorming, discussion, trial runs. There would have been a feedback loop and collaboration. It’s a video which arouses a lot of curiosity and engages the audience. A one minute video can do a lot!

Augmented reality cards

So, what do you offer a techie, a geek or a nerd as their birthday card? An augmented reality card! If you watch the video you can see how the future is going to develop in the classroom and at home. Augmented reality is going to play a greater role and we are going to have a lot of fun with what are now our print artefacts. We’ll have augmented reality cards, books, business cards, menus…You can see how science, art and literacy are bonding to create our new world. Is there at app for it? Yes! Try the birthday card AR.

Apps for iPads

Nasa visualisation explorer Two apps for your classroom or yourself. One free , one paid. Nasa has a visualisation explorer so that you can get space based information directly to you iPad. This is 2012 and Nasa does a lot to help deliver its deliveries into the real world and allow people to learn about space. The second app is Geo Walk which is a 3D walk around the world with activities so you can experience some of the things and places in the real world on your iPad. It costs $2.99. It runs in English, Spanish and Russian.

I just love Hubble

Image: Spacetelescope Hubble has been sending us amazing images since the 1990s and they never cease to inspire me. The Hubble site offers so much detailed and interesting information about Hubble and long term science missions. The images are very engaging and it is a very well laid out and accessible site. Spacetelescope , where I got the image left from, is an equally compelling site but with a different purpose. It focuses on the graphic use of these Hubble images. You can download the top 100, find desktop wallpapers, zoom in on images and find some great illustrated versions of the Hubble images. That is just for starters. There is plenty there for a space adventure, space odyssey, space investigation. Both of these sites illustrate well just how interesting you can make knowledge and information and Hubble can be thanked for working efficiently and effectively to keep us creatively engaged with space education.

Transit of Venus app

transit of venus appJune 6th.  7.45 -14.15 .That is the diary date you need to remember. It is the last time Venus will transit the sun this century and there is an app for it!

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