YouTube gaming Easter Eggs

You Tube Gaming



YouTube has its own gaming subsection where you can just focus on videos to do with games and publish your live gaming videos.  It has the 3 horizontal bars top left which you click on and then you get to the setting which are discussed in the video so that you, too, can find the gaming Easter Eggs.

Use You Tube as a search engine

YouTube infographicIf YouTube were a country it would be the third largest in the world after India and China. It has a billion unique visitors a month and that probably explains why your YouTube clips are taking longer to upload. YouTube has to grow into its new self as second largest search engine on the planet. Some don’t think of using YouTube as a search engine. If I am looking for information I will look it up on Google and then YouTube. Doesn’t matter whether it’s information for my classroom or something to do with dog diseases and conditions. It could be recipes or a query about the benefits of magnesium. If I can’t do something I look it up on YouTube. I use YouTube all the time. It brings me knowledge, information, help and insight. It is often easier to look at a video clip of how to repair something than read pages of instructions. I am ever grateful to the thousands of people who make a video about how they solved a problem or the professionals who bring me information about knee exercises, the benefits of rebounding or how to draw a coffee cup. The infographic comes from mushroomwork networks and you can see a large copy of it on their site.

Upload a YouTube video

Uploading a YouTube video will depend on internet traffic, file size and the format of your video. YouTube gives information about slow uploading here. On the whole mp4 format, with mp3 sound and a resolution of 640×480 is fairly efficient unless you have picked the wrong time of day. So many more people are on YouTube. It has had an explosion of viewers, subscribers and uploaders. Eventually it will grow into its new, very popular size but that takes time. There is some good information here about how to upload a YouTube video. Watch the video. Derryl Eves walks you through the process quite well.

Learn a language

You learn a language by talking. The more you talk , the better you get. You also have to listen carefully. With technology and , in particular mobile technology, we can learn a language when we want and however we want. We are not stuck with THE method. We can find a method which suits us and then we can connect to the internet and learn. Anywhere, anytime learning. These video clips for Japanese promote yet another good way of learning a language. As a language teacher, you cannot wander around the classroom when you are in the process of teaching the language. Students need to see your face and mouth. When you go to another country and try to understand and speak the language, you find yourself fixated on people’s mouths. They help you understand and they help you say things properly yourself. So, these YouTube clips present a good way of being able to focus on how you actually say something. You can see how the mouth is moved and you can hear the sounds. They are said at normal speed, in broken down sounds and then at normal speed. It is not the only way to learn but it’s a good way. It is good to see it as you say it too. Captioning is important. There is another sound file for this expression here. 良い一日を。Yoi ichinichi o

Lessons in technology with Lenny Kravitz

Film by Mathieu BItton / @candytman

Who would have thought this cool music clip from New Orleans would have anything to do with teaching technology? I just thought I was going to be watching a choir. Not so. Watch Lenny Kravitz. He looks, he engages and he looks some more. He is taking in what is there and how he can connect with it. He then takes over the drums and all of a sudden they have a stronger beat, the choir lifts and the guitarist can rise up to the level of talent and confidence he has. Lenny Kravitz then starts singing. The drummer comes back and is drumming so much more confidently and ,as Lenny Kravitz sings, the choir finds a strong, clear voice and can really show who they are and what they are capable of. The guitarist takes heart from all of this and his talent just shines. Lenny Kravitz is a teacher. He doesn’t have to stand there and teach. He can absorb what the learning gaps are, lead by example and drive the lessons home by being interactive. The fact that Matthew Bitton filmed it and shared it on YouTube means we all get to share this. No one has set up a lesson, performance standards, lessons objectives. This is an intuitive lesson. With technology , you can do just that. You can lead by example. You can observe your class and see where their learning gaps are and show them as you use and suggest different technology options how to grow and become more confident with their technology use. Students pick up very quickly things  you are just doing or using. The clip is four years old and yet it is now doing the rounds of FaceBook. It has meaning and for a lot of people it just lifts their day. That’s what teaching does. It  means something and frees others to explore their interests and talents.

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