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You Tube Gaming



YouTube has its own gaming subsection where you can just focus on videos to do with games and publish your live gaming videos.  It has the 3 horizontal bars top left which you click on and then you get to the setting which are discussed in the video so that you, too, can find the gaming Easter Eggs.


Stats for Nerds

stats for nerdsIf you pause a YouTube video and right click on it you get a pop up menu. On that menu it has an option Stats for Nerds. Love it! If you want to know what they mean I have explained them. Things like dimension you will know so I haven’t explained them all.

statsResolution @25 – @ 25 frames per second
Stream host – server which is running video
CPN- Probably Id for European Canon Professional Network
Mime Type – how the internet identifies the type of file. vp9 is  an open and royalty free coding format for videos
DASH 244/251 relates to audio. Format 251 Is Opus.
Dropped frame rate: Will affect smooth running and synching of audio and video. Can be caused by drivers, slow computers, internet access…

100 most subscribed Australian You Tube Channels

This is interesting, to say the least. The top 100 most subscribed You Tube Channels in Australia. As a teacher you need to be aware of the media influences and influencers and what local content is having an impact globally. You need neither like nor dislike it. You can value it or not as you choose. You are a teacher: an educator and education is about enlightening experiences and authentic learning. Sometimes you have to know what is currently holding society in its thrall so you can work a pathway to learning objectives though content delivery. Sometimes you need to know what the influences are so you can balance them by creating perspective and context. You Tube is a big influencer and our students spent a lot of time on it. I wonder how much? They used to come out with how much time students spent watching television and then playing games. I haven’t seen any information about how much time students spend on which internet sites.

Windows Live Movie Maker

If you have Windows and you want to make some movies, especially from still pictures , Windows Live Movie maker is very easy to use. I have used iMovie on my Apple Mac a lot and that is quite easy too but at home I tend to be on my Windows desktop. By making a movie I have something other than slideshows for my classroom use and then I also have something which can be played on any operating system or loaded to a video sharing site. When you add pictures and music you need to ensure you do not infringe copyright if you are publishing online. This video covers the basics of using Windows Live MM and so you can see how easy it is. You can use photos or create images in a paint programme if you want to show something you wish to teach. You can then let Windows Live Movie Maker create all the transitions and effects for you for you or you can play with those yourselves. Students concentrate hard on videos so you can capture their imaginations and their interest with a quick video that you show them. A couple of tips though – I tried using my Windows Live ID to load my movie onto my You Tube account. It didn’t upload the movie as I had made it! Load the movies up onto sites directly . Then there was the time WLMM decided to cut out converting my file to a movie at 96%. I just ignored it and converted it again. WLMM has never done that to me since. People have commented to me how clear my videos are. It does make very clear movies which show well on a big screen and that is very encouraging. Try it! If you think you cannot make a movie – you can!!

Microsoft Producer

I downloaded Microsoft Producer for free when it came up as a link form the Learning Essentials packages I had also downloaded for free. I am not good at video presentations. Within half an hour I had completed a slide show with music which was accessible from the web and then a video show with slide of animals and birds. I was just using what I had to see what I could do. I wasn’t that perfect and I was stumbling along, but I got it and was quite pleased with my first efforts. In the mean time I have been thinking how I can use this is my classroom. The kids would love it for sure. They’d narrate their PowerPoint presentations with their own video and love it. I need to go onto my laptop because that makes a difference…I have a built in web cam. I also had to Google music I could use because you cannot break copyright laws and even if you own the music and purchased the CD , you cannot just use it. It also means you have to have access to a free photo or image stock. All these things will need to be sorted out for educators and I guess they will be in time. So then I went onto You Tube to see if there were any tutorials for Producer. I found this very detailed and interesting one by Javier and Laura. It’s in Spanish, though. My Spanish is pretty rusty!! Nevertheless, with my rusty Spanish, their good presentation skills and my knowledge , albeit new, of Producer, I actually learned a thing or two and it cemented a few things in my head. It reminded me that as a teacher I might just as well be speaking Spanish to my students when they only half get what I am talking about!!

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