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Devices offer a diverse array for writing practice in all its varied forms. You can painfully type your way on a mini touch screen and embarrass yourself publicly in quite a spectacular way like I do if you wish or you can nimbly glide across a touch screen and insert images and sound as quick as lightning. Writing doesn’t have to just stare back at you. You can make it move, talk, connect to a website, a clip. You can add animation and annotations. One of the great experiences I discovered on my iPad was iPad magazines. I still read paper ones from time to time but an iPad magazine might include video clips, text reading, QR codes to go elsewhere on the Net, interviews. The whole thing just jumps into life. It means there are also a variety of tool where students can practise the art of writing, planning writing, publishing, multifaceted writing and a number of literacy skills. When there is a smorgasbord of how you can write and develop your writing then the chances of your writing well and being creative are probably quite high. Some of the “cooler” apps are paid for. It is important to research them well to see if they meet your needs or the needs of your classroom. Any app I plan to use in class I research first and then test it out with a couple of students if I plan to use it. They value participating in reviews. TeachThought has 15 e-book writing apps which seem to be paid but which do come tested, so to speak, and so you can look at them to see the sorts of things the e-book writing apps can do. I can see my students using some of these and loving it. There are also 10 best writing apps recommended on NextWeb. Some of these are free and some of them practise and utilise hand writing skills. My favourite writing app is Notability but I also like Documents Free. Now that I have seen all these other apps I want to try them out because each app creates a different impact. Bottom line? Don’t go anywhere without Evernote! Cross platform, cross device , always there and pretty comprehensive.


Ipad whiteboard flexibility

penultimateMany teachers still like to write their information as they are teaching. I don’t do it very often because  students cannot read cursive and I don’t like printing. These days I am grateful I can type and teach because I type better than I write on the board. That’s me , though. Other teachers like the writing option for their own cognitive flow and to facilitate  cognitive flow  in  students and are impeded by having to type or use a computer/tablet and so then get up and write with a marker on the whiteboard. Some teachers see writing on the board as better. We are all different. The iPad offers a number of good note making apps which can be used with or without a stylus to create written text. The advantage of these apps is they can do so much more than just handwriting. Penultimate links up with Evernote to provide a good way to save and sort materials you create in class. I haven’t used it but it has some very good reviews. The Educreations whiteboard app is discussed well on their site and it is an app which doesn’t lose you in its cleverness. I could use and benefit from it straight away and the site has given me some more ideas to follow up. It’s just a fuss free approach to presenting with a clean slate.You can cloud save your information as well. The app I prefer is Notability. It is a paid app but I didn’t mind because it makes my writing clear. I can write with it better and it also has cloud options for storage. This review is good and the app does offer different ways of saving the material. That issue has been addressed. I like having the sticky notes option within the app too. Adds a bit of texture and interest to those kinds of class presentations. Like anything else , we’ll choose what suits us best and we’ll master the tools we adapt to most easily. Sometimes it’s worth taking the time to slow down and explore the software properly and this is where youtube and vimeo can come in handy. There are often tutorials on these sites which help you to learn faster and more efficiently.

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