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QV06 This is a Windows problem. Linux and Apple don’t seem to suffer from these opportuntistic, vile downloads. QV06 is a nasty virus-like acquisition which you can unwittingly download. Not exactly sure how I got it but probably the freeware I downloaded last weekend. Freeware will often come with extras you don’t want but they are often programmes which are helping to support the freeware site. At no stage did I see QV06 nor was it offered as a download option like reputable extras. QV06 is not readily identified as malware by malware search software. You know you have it. It sets itself up on any browser as the homepage and takes you to that site. If you try and remove it as the home page, it just puts itself back. I did the obvious and removed it from my computer and went into my registry and took out the files which seemed to be associated with it. It is invasive. It still loaded. It was slowing my browsers and stopping me some doing some of the things I wanted to do, most notably with Flash files. I did a search on it and it is very well known! Not surprised. Nothing suggested worked since I had thought I had removed the files. My cleaners couldn’t seem to identify it as malware. Wonder why because they do a great job with everything else? My solution was to download a free Adware removal programme. That fixed the problem and got rid of the QV06 files. Now, once a week , I’ll be back to running an Adware programme. I always used to and then the new cleaners seemed to be able to catch everything. Not any more! Can’t believe how fast my browsers are running again

Powerpoint with pizzazz

Lenka is a famous Australian singer. Windows 8 is a much discussed operating system. DoinaK is a very talented and ingenious Powerpoint presenter. When you put these three  elements together you get an amazing Powerpoint presentation. The animation is saved as a Windows Media file (save as….select Windows Media file) and it can then be uploaded as a video to YouTube. You can do it with Keynote and iMovie too.

Change Keynote and Powerpoint presentations into movies

Change size Windows 8 app tiles

While I am deciding whether to do the Windows 8.1 upgrade I have been redesigning my Metro start screen. One of the things which isn’t obvious is that if it is not a Windows 8 app, you cannot change the size of the tile. Windows 8 start screen is really colourful and interesting to watch! I like the movement. It also tends to intuitively gather like app tiles together when you download them. I have resized the ones I can and just left the others as small tiles. I have also cleared away and unpinned the tiles I don’t need on my start screen. I tend to go to my desktop first and then to the start screen when I want my favourite programmes. I am using Win 8 on a desktop computer and not a device.metro desktop As for the upgrade, there is a very good review of it here at Gizmodo. It needs about 10 to 15 GB of space to install and about an hour. That’s why I am thinking about it. I won’t have to pay for it but it is a massive update and I need to be sure it’s worth the time and effort since I really like how my Windows 8 computer is running and how it looks.

Quick Windows 8 Shutdown

New ShortcutIt isn’t obvious how to shut Windows 8 down. If you go back to the start screen you can do it through your icon top left. I shut Windows 8 down with alt F4 which shuts down open windows and then brings you to the shutdown screen. I have now made myself a shutdown icon which makes it simpler and I could add how long it takes to shut down too.

1. Right click anywhere on the desktop and choose New and then Shortcut.
2. Call it shutdown – or anything you like.
3. Right click on the icon and choose Properties.
shutsoen code4. In other versions of Windows you use the – to delineate parameters. In Windows 8 you use /
5. /s means shutdown and it has a 30 second default setting. /c brings you to a personalised shutdown screen. I have typed /c “A+” because A+ means see you later in French. You could type /c “Bye”. You have to have the speech marks. If you don’t want the shutdown screen, leave the /c out. If you want to add the time it takes you write /t 40 where the 40 specifies a 40 second shutdown.
6. To change the icon, right click on the shutdown icon and in the middle of the window which comes up you see Change icon. Click on that and select away.
7. Don’t forget to click apply to set your changes.
8. You now have a quick shutdown icon!

Clean up your Windows 8 desktop

new toolbarDo you keep putting folders and shortcuts on the desktop so you can get to current work and files quickly? They are only eating up system resources, you know. Use the toolbar facility which comes with Windows 8 to create a tidy desktop and a faster computer.

Right click on the desktop and make yourself a new folder and put the files and shortcuts into it that you want to. I call mine Current.

Right click on the task bar, select toolbars and then New Toolbar

Follow the instructions and select the folder you just created on your desktop.

toolbarIt will now appear with chevrons (arrows) next to it on the right of your taskbar and you can access everything from there quickly.

Admire your nice tidy desktop!

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