Ubuntu Tweak

Ubuntu Tweak How can you forget your own best friend? I have blogged about Ubuntu Tweak before when I was on Ubuntu 10. I installed the version for 14.04, cleaned up the Ubuntu installation and let Ubuntu Tweak preen my desktop. It’s a very handy utility with numerous options which is very reliable. I used the instructions on unixmen to install it. Ubuntu Tweaked Desktop

Live TV on Ubuntu 14.04

kaffeine1Setting up Live TV on Ubuntu 14.04 didn’t quite go according to plan nor did it go easily. Now I have set it up, though , I can use MeTV or Kaffeine. I am using Kaffeine because it is currently getting  more channels and is more reliable. MeTV is stuck on Channel 9 and that is it. I cannot change the channel at this point in time. I can’t scan either. So Kaffeine it is and it is a very easy to get along with programme. On Linux Mint and Ubuntu 10 I have only ever plugged in my stick and typed

sudo apt-get install libusb-dev

into Terminal and the TV stick has worked.

metvWith Ubuntu 14.04 installed on my Dell Studio 1558 it hasn’t been so straightforward. I started searching the Net. Firstly, I followed the instructions here by wolfmann and installed Kaffeine and MeTV via Terminal. He gives very clear instructions as to how Kaffeine works. For me Autoscan did not work. In the end I had to set it to au-Adelaide which is on the same dropdown menu. Both MeTV and Kaffeine worked for about a minute and that was it. MeTV had a Read Timeout. Kaffeine was telling me it could not find my device when clearly it was there.

I then followed the code here on the Ubuntu Wiki site. I was building a media library and I could see the stuff for my TV stick running through Terminal so I was hopeful. This was a really interesting experience and I watched the whole lot – to check what was happening and to work out what the code was doing. Fascinating. It does take a while to build the library so I played on my iPad!

I rebooted. Still nothing. My TV stick came with a little USB extension cable and I have always used that. Not now. I worked out I need to plug the DVB-T stick directly into the USB port. Since then I can can access Kaffeine and MeTV and I just need to work through the issues. I am sticking with Kaffeine. It is set up well, easy to operate and comes with some useful features. It is a multimedia programme so you can play other media as well. It’s odd that MeTV is picking up Channel 9 but Kaffeine isn’t. I am doing the usual of just playing TV on my laptop to help the system sort itself out. Some of this may well be hardware issues. I have had more that sufficient support which I could follow from the Ubuntu community.

Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu 14.04I have just installed Ubuntu 14.04.4 on my Dell Studio 1558. The 64 bit version is accessing the 6 GB of ram and the graphics are very impressive. Ubuntu doesn’t come preloaded with everything you need as Linux Mint does but it was very quick to install my favourites – Gimp, Brasero, Miro , Shutter, Chrome, Banshee, Anagramarama. I checked if it had the partition manager GParted and it does. I use Thunderbird as my email client. I had it all up and running in about 20 minutes. At the moment it is not running Me TV properly so I shall have to sort that out. It is also better to use Chrome to view e-cards and things like that, plus Chrome has all my bookmarks and so I can quickly set myself up on another computer. Ubuntu is more like the Apple set up with a menu where you search for whatever you want as you do with Spotlight in Apple. The unity desktop is very clean and well organised. The menu i you to access whatever you need on your computer or the web very quickly. Ubuntu has a real interest in education and educational resources as well and it will be interesting to follow some of that up. It’s a while since I have been on Ubuntu. It was the first version of Linux I tried and then I swapped to Linux Mint. This new Ubuntu has a really nice interface and is very efficient. I am liking it a lot.

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