Shutter Screenshot Editor for Ubuntu

Shutter is a pretty useful desktop tool for Ubuntu. You can install it form the instructions from the Shutter site. Add the first line of code into Terminal, press enter and then add the second line and press enter. The site also gives you links to down load packages. You can grab an area of screen and then edit it right from inside Shutter. It has some good features and it is very easy to use. You can then export it to folders or webpages directly from inside shutter. This is this is the easiest screenshot tool I have ever used because the editing and then exporting /saving are all there. It’ll be great for making teaching presentations since I can save the edited screenshots as jpegs and then use other programmes to make the presentations.

Easy Paint Programmes

Are you like me? Most of the time I just want a paint / graphics programme to resize images or crop them. I don’t need to be doing fancy things most of the time which is why I don’t teach media or art. I just want to puddle with images. On Windows I use Paint from the Accessories folder and then I have downloaded which is a lovely little programme. For more complex things I have graphics programmes which have come with my digital cameras. On Ubuntu I use Gimp when I want to do something complex but the easiest paint programme for Ubuntu is mtPaint graphic editor. So easy and does everything I want. On the Apple Mac I use Adobe Photoshop or Gimp for more complex things but the easiest paint programme is Paintbrush. You can preset the image size and the format you want your images saved in. Doesn’t get easier than that. If I want to quickly do an artistic layout of images on the Mac or Windows, then I use Shape Collage which makes me look really good!

Avant Window Navigator for Ubuntu 10.04

I found out about the Avant Window Navigator on the webupd8 site. I tried loading the code into Terminal but the package wouldn’t install. As luck would have it , it was in the Ubuntu Software Centre located in the Applications menu top right on the desktop. It is sort of like the Apple dock but it actually is much more. I have located mine on the left of my desktop and you can stretch or shrink it really easily and apply different effects. If you right click on the panel it will bring up the properties. From there you can see just how much you can do and you can load the applets into the dock from there. AWN has really made my desktop more functional. I also loaded Animal Farm as an applet which gives words of wisdom, mostly with a good sense of humour!

Me TV – Ubuntu 10.04

I decided to swap my old TV tuner for a new one when I had the opportunity a while back, but I had been more than happy with the results and I blogged about it here. There were intermittent demuxing problems and sometimes I had to fiddle with the reception but not very often. I just thought I could do better. The Artec tuner was 2006 and it was time to upgrade. I decided on a Kaiser Baas USB TV stick netbook N1879 and I haven’t looked back. Not a problem. Not a hint of a problem. It has picked up all the digital TV and radio stations and records well. It changes screen size with a right click of the mouse and shows you underneath the picture, in one of the views, what is available. It works beautifully on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 but will not work on my Apple Mac. It may be a netbook TV tuner but I run it on my Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop and Dell hybrid desktop. Not a problem. As for the antenna, I just found an old rabbit’s ears antenna in my cupboard and attached the TV tuner to that. I twiddled the ears until I got a good picture on each channel, which took about 5 minutes or less, and have just left the ears as I set them. For 6 months now I have had perfect TV reception on Ubuntu and Windows 7. Love it!

Tweet Deck on Ubuntu 10.04

I have been lost without Tweet Deck. It has been , by far, the best Twitter client for me because of the columns, the pop up messages and the way I can manage the various aspects of Twitter. Originally it loaded and worked well for a while and then it died and I just couldn’t use it. So I used Gwibber and Qwit. I settled on Qwit because it has a tabbed arrangement and my preferred pop up notifications. I was still missing Tweet Deck so I tried to load it again last week. First try failed. Second try, after Ubuntu did an update and I used Chromium as my browser, I succeeded in getting it loaded and then I found some information on a site about how to get Adobe Air loaded through Terminal. Epic fail. Tweet Deck tried to launch and then I had a parent/ child error message. I removed it and the next day downloaded it again. I tried it and tried it and it tried to launch but nothing. So, nearly a week later, I went searching for help again. This time I found Jams Ubuntu site which gave me instructions to get Adobe Air loaded through Terminal and , bingo, worked like a charm. The first time I tried Tweet Deck after that it didn’t work but about 3 minutes later Adobe Air did an update and to my great relief I now have Tweet Deck and I am so happy! Pays to persist.

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