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I really like this video by Chris Hawkes. He is a competent , successful coder who has taken time out of his busy schedule to take us on a walk and discuss his ideas about what he thinks the fundamental issues are with regard to contemporary coding . We can walk with him and listen to him unfold his thinking. Coding requires a very disciplined mind and thinking but it also requires a capacity to keep up to date. Chris Hawkes puts forward a very strong case for coders to be able to be efficient and capable researchers who share and discuss their knowledge. We no longer have the answers, the way, the method, the procedure. We live in 2016. We can’t just use Google a quick solution to something. We can’t spend our time reinventing the wheel . We need to have people who know how to get quality information which will move  a project and thinking forward. People need skillsets and knowledge but they need to be able to quickly update their capacity to function now, today. Coders have communities to build their skills and knowledge. They learn to connect , share and problem solve. Nobody can know everything any more and one thing will suddenly become obsolete. Programmers need to be able to learn on their own and they need to now how to do quality research and find things out. They need to be interested, self directed and lifelong learners. Communities develop best practices and share their updated knowledge and tackle trouble shooting and problem solving . It takes teamwork to solve complex problems. Coders are sharing their knowledge in lots of ways. Huffington Post published 25 best coder blogs. Makeuseof has recommended 7 coder blogs for student programmers. One of my favourite coder blogs is codercoach because Kristi Pollard (Stanton), RHIT, CCS, CPC, CIRCC gives such a personal insight into coding , the life of a coder and issues with coding.

Troubleshooting tablet technology

aussieoutagesWhen things go wrong on a tablet or phone you have to keep calm and troubleshoot:

1. Check you have battery resources
2. Check you are connected to wifi/mobile provider if you should be
3. Check national and international outages
4. Close all the open apps
5. Turn off phone/ tablet and turn on again
6. Turn off modem, count to 10 and on again
7. If it is one app then delete it and reinstall it
8. Google like mad to see what the workarounds are.

The aussieoutages site is a good place to go in Australia because it lets you know if there is an issue. For the first time ever I had a problem on my iPad air. Instagram would start opening and then pop shut. Nothing. On my android phone there was no issue so I knew it wasn’t really an Instagram problem per se. I went to aussieoutages and sure enough there were a lot of people having a problem. There can be network conflicts which can create problems and with our current weather there could be things which affect wifi delivery. It was odd it was one device. This afternoon it started working again just fine and that was when I had gone to my iPad ready to delete the app and try reinstalling it. I had just used my phone in the meantime.

Fixing Windows 10 temporary profile pain

Windows 10 temporary profile Image: tenforums

I got this message yesterday morning and it was too much for my tiny brain on a Sunday morning. Having tried the fix of just restarting the computer a couple of times I just left it and went on to have a lovely day. As I thought about it I decided going to the registry first was not going to be what I’d do. I could locate my files by going onto the  C drive , going to Windows and finding my old profile under Users. The virus and malware checkers were still functioning so I knew what I had loaded previously had to be there. I found appuals site the most helpful because it was going from easy solutions to more complicated ones. On the temporary profile I had linked my Microsoft account and set a PIN as they suggested. I thought maybe that would release my own desktop but no. In the end I did an old fashioned ScanDisk from the dos prompt.

1. Right click on start and select Command Prompt Admin
2. Type in : sfc/scannow
3. It takes about 15 minutes to scan the files and shows you the percentage.
4. Turn off the computer and restart.

The sfc (scan files now) reported no errors and so I wasn’t hopeful. Good news was it had worked and my own lovely profile was back in place! It would appear the fix is easy but what seems to be happening is different fixes are working for different people. By the time you look at tenforums and appuals you have lots of options and hopefully one of them will work for you.

Clearing the internet sludge

internet treacle

So slow….

When your internet is slow and treacly, there are several things you can do before you ring up your ISP to get them to help you resolve the issue. There is often a wait time on the phone so this fills in the time until the wait time improves. You can check your speed here.

1. Check data usage. You might be being shaped.

2. Clean your computer. You might be using up all your storage.

3. Run the anti virus software to ensure it’s not a virus.

4. Turn off all your equipment, count to 10 and turn it back on.

5. With ADSL try just having one phone connected to modem. Unplug your other phones.

6. Check the ISP site. There might be problems in your area.

7. Try a different computer.

8. Turn off your anti-virus and firewall.(Don’t forget to turn it back on!)

9. Change modem.

10. Ring ISP support

For me the issue was resolved by changing modems. I then had to contact ISP support because my broken modem is part of a combo plan and they are now sending me a new one. For now, I am leaving the one which is working but it will be good to have a spare.

Thank heaven for technicians

Thank heaven for technicians No, I can’t fix it all myself. I’m pretty good and pretty confident and pretty knowledgeable but I don’t know it all, can’t fix it all , cannot make it all work. It sometimes means the problem is out of my control. It sometimes means I have overlooked the obvious. The best lesson technicians teach you is not to flap. Just be logical. Don’t waste hot air. Just look . Think. They teach you to act and not react. To think and not be silly. In the last 3 weeks I have had a lot to do with technicians and their capacity to just deal with the issue, to focus on the facts and to get things in order is impressive. They think systematically, methodically and cleanly. They make you read messages, check connections, look for authentication. I have been caught out with that lately. Failing to authenticate. I try to do something at home or at work and if I am not authenticated , it is not going to happen. At home I get a prompt. At work there is invisibility so if you have a cluttered mind you sometimes forget to authenticate before you do. Authentication is good! You need to be registered with the network. Makes sense. Why is it so hard to remember?! So, this post is by way of thank you to the technicians!

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