What to do in self isolation

Most of the world is self isolating or in lockdown because we don’t want the coronavirus to spread. We are keeping ourselves safe and others safe. For an introvert that is not a problem. They no longer have to make up excuses not to see people and do things. For most it is a shock. The routine of work and school provide a structure and often overload to the day. Clubs, sport, social groups fill in the time. We are now having to recreate a life without much external stimulus and without scaffolding.

It means for many they are confronted with their lack of technology skills because someone could always help. Now they are not there or you can’t reach them easily. If that is the case then learning something to do with technology each day will help. YouTube, Udemy and web searches will all help. Tina Yong , in the video , suggests MasterClass but that has a paid monthly or annual subscription. You may or may not be able to afford it. Look for the free options. People like Tina Yong are starting to put up videos of how to manage being at home in isolation or quarantine. Some are not helpful, others give some sound and practical ideas. More will appear online and more things will be available online. This is a chance to improve what is offered online, to contribute and also to consume for your own purposes. Connectivity means we can quickly circulate ideas and we are. We can structure them more now as people are starting to understand what this all means. Lifelong learning is how we shall do this.

WordPress Anniversary

Wordpress Anniversary It’s nice of WordPress to notice my blog anniversary even if it is automatic. I have blogged since 2003 . I started with Blogger which is now part of the Google suite. That blog is still going. I then came to WordPress because I thought it suited my needs better and celebrated my 9th anniversary on WordPress over the Christmas period. So, what are the benefits of blogging?

1. To share my ideas
2. To develop my ideas
3. To back up critical resources
4. To have a positive, substantial online image
5. To reflect upon my practice
6. To muster resources for my needs
7. To explore ways and means of doing things
8. To get peer review
9. To connect with others
10. To consolidate my knowledge

My blog backs up my classroom, my interests, my resources. If I am trying to learn something I can store helpful ideas on my blog and discuss them. If I have done something I can reflect on it and share it as an idea or way of doing things. I can keep up with current trends and I can more closely examine resources which are coming out. At the moment, visitors are mainly coming from US, India, UK, France , Spain and EU.

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I can download my stats from WordPress as a csv file so I can look at them more closely. It does pay to look at what brings people to my blog, although I confess I blog mainly for myself first and then if it is helpful to others and it if it appeals to others that is a good thing. In the end, the blog builds up an archive of who I am , what I do and what I am interested in. It also is a place where I can have things I can easily share with others if they are interested.

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