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it skills for jobs

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We are well past the stage where using a computer and mobile devices are desirable job skills. We are very much into the realms of data, SEO (search engine optimisation), apps development and UI/UX (user interface and user experience). Education is not about jobs but the skills people learn through study are generally the sorts of things which will carry them through to employability and the learning skills needed to advance themselves. Students do need to be familiar with the sorts of knowledge which will promote growth in their lives. I have spoken about UX and UI a lot on this blog. In classrooms which use technology it is something teachers need to be aware of. Design and technology  together. There was an article in the Sydney Morning Herald which discussed the sorts of IT skills we are looking for in Australia and it also included the soft skills we seem to be short of : teamwork, ownership and problem solving. Collaboration has been a classroom requirement for a long time as has teamwork. Ownership is about belonging and certainly there have been conversations and practices around that in education in Australia so I am wondering why these skills seem to be missing. CIO looks at the 10 IT skills which are most in demand at the  moment and looks and the reasons why.  The World Economic Forum looks at it from a global perspective and lists the skills we are looking for in the world. Not that much different form what we are looking for in Australia. FastCompany discusses at length three IT skills in particular and why they need to be commonplace now because they are so important to economic growth.  They are also important to an understanding of how technology works and influences us and how technology is being used and leveraged in today’s world. We have a lot of tools and software now. We need to progress to the next phase where we get he best out of them and then understand how they are impacting on us and can impact on us

Ten resources over ten days

aitsl resourcesI signed up for the Ten resources over ten days from aitsl, our professional standards organisation. It was a sound idea on their part to get teachers off to a good start in the first two weeks of the year with some positive reminders about what our professional standards are, what we can do to enable them and what our professional organisation is prepared to do to help us and work alongside us. That is important. A professional organisation can set and monitor standards but it needs to work in conjunction with the people who are upholding those standards. The other advantages of having these ten resources popped into your email each day is you can read them when you have time and then you get an opportunity to go to the aitsl site and see what is there to help you. We are up to day five and they have certainly covered a number of really useful and practical resources which are available on their site which is now a rich source of information for creating a – dare I say it? – growth mindset for professional development and engagement. My favourite set of resources so far came on day three: Essential Guide to Professional Learning Series. I liked these resources because they keep clear what teachers and educators should have front and centre of their daily routine and M.O.

aitsl professional learningOne of the guides is The Essential Guide to Professional Learning : Leading Culture. In that guide it spells out quite clearly a paradigm which is crucial to teacher strength and well being :

What support is provided to teachers to inspire them to change and to give them feedback on their progress?

• How are teachers supported to try new initiatives in their classrooms?
• When do teachers receive feedback about their efforts to improve? Who provides the feedback?
• When do teachers work together on collaborative inquiry?
• How are teachers supported to share their expertise with others and to learn from others?
• How do leaders work to minimise the factors which distract teachers from their professional learning?
• How are teachers and leaders supported to be innovative and to try out potential new solutions to enhance student learning?

It represents a culture of collaboration, professional sharing, professional mentoring, and opportunities to discover what is available and new. The world is changing quickly. Teachers need to work together, with structure and support so they can feel comfortable and knowledgeable about new approaches, new devices, new ideas, different methodologies. Love it. Yes, let teachers try out new things but let them work together on them and work out how students will learn better from whatever it is they are thinking about doing. Peer support and peer review are part and parcel of that approach. You can still sign up for the resources. They come up on the slide show in the header at the top of the aitsl site.

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