Star Wars Christmas

Just a bit of fun from the Salt Lake City Comic Con.

Because everyone needs a good Star Wars Poster for their classroom

Star Wars Image: Eduwells

Eduwells has a number of really good posters which you can use in class. He is a multi-skilled educator who has taught in several countries and his blog provides plenty of practical information as well as ideas to consider more deeply. The poster I chose says it all . It is how you use devices and technology which makes the difference and teachers need to be teaching students how to use the best device and software for the task at hand. They also need to explore with students so that all the technology experience and knowledge of that group can be used and enhanced. I was brought up with the saying ” A poor workman blames his tools. ” It was something which all adults said and impressed upon you as a child. The Star Wars version says the same thing but has moved the concept to the next generation. We are at the stage where we need to be discerning about how we use technology and it is something which students need to learn because surface use of any device or software will not get the best out of it and just using one thing because that’s the thing you know, is a good start, but you need to grow your adaptability and flexibility with software and hardware because it is constantly changing. This is why a classroom has to be constant conversation. Each person approaches a device, app or software differently and one of the things you can do as a teacher is watch how students approach something you ask them to do. Give them choices. Watch what tools they use and how they actually go about the task. They don’t all do it the same way unless you limit them to one piece of software and one form of presentation. Encourage yourself and others to think about how you are using technology.

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