SlideShare revisited

SlideShareSlideShare has partnered with LinkedIn or vice versa and has a whole new look. It suits the new device environments better and has a very good visual interface. I originally used SlideShare to improve my presentation skills and then to produce content for my class room. It was also a place where I could get ready made content for my classroom. Slide presentations are perfect for flipped learning, for IWB presentations and for sharing detailed and well thought out information which uses the essential notion of progressive disclosure. I had a student who would automatically create her own slide presentations from information I was teaching and then she had a beautiful visual record of what she was learning. There is now a clipboard section which I shall have to find out about because I have only just discovered through an email that SlideShare has been resurrected. We live in a visual world. We need well thought out presentations to guide us through and an easy platform for sharing our information. The feedback I got from the SlideShare community really helped me to improve how I presented my information and the success of some of my presentations both in the classroom and on SlideShare is proof that feedback works in a powerful way.

Keynote Simple Animation

MacMost videos help you make the most of your Mac. This video is good because you can put a face to the voice but also because it shows clearly how to make some simple animations and effects which would make your presentations more interesting. It is a matter of learning the techniques and then applying them to your own context. A video means you can stop, back track, fast forward, do whatever you need to do to absorb the information. You can also play it as you have KeyNote out on your desktop so you can pause it as you do what is being shown. He is doing it with images. You can just as easily do it with text if you want to. Saving is as a video is easy. You go up to the toolbar and export it to Quicktime. You can then import it into iMovie. The instructions are here.

Clever animation for Powerpoint 2007

This is quite a clever trick if you have Powerpoint 2007. Wish I hadn’t upgraded to 2010 so I could try it. You can’t do this is Powerpoint 2010, although it offers a lot of nice animation effects and transitions. You should never overdo the animations – not unless you are making one of those really classy and clever one slide Powerpoint animations. Choosing a good transition or two and maybe animating one or two things is probably enough. This animation effect in 2007 is clever, though, and I ended up really liking the music which went with it. 4enjoying has done a good job of sharing knowledge on the Net and has even thought to include the written instructions with the upload so people can follow. You Tube is full of helpful videos and if you are looking to learn something on a computer. It was the reason I was there. I was looking for some quality animation tutorials. Powerpoint is more than bullet points and even though the bullet points can be appropriate at times , it is worthwhile learning how to create other effects with Powerpoint to get the power out of it.

Brilliant presentation tips

I have to thank @alianani15 for putting up the link to this wonderful presentation on Twitter. Online communities work! This didactic slide presentation is a classy piece of work indeed and gives you all the tips for making a first class presentation. More than that it literally shows you how to do it. The future of information sharing looks bright.

Polish your PowerPoints

Chuckie Delano has a pleasant tutorial style for teaching. For a start you can see him. He is not a disembodied voice which just talks at you and talks at you. He then has screencasting down to a fine art so his capacity to talk and teach that way is sound. It takes practice. He has a friendly manner and the skills he shares are fascinating. This is a 16 minute tutorial so there is a lot in it. What I can do with such a video is stop and start it with my own version of PowerPoint open and do what he is showing me to do. He has some great tricks with PowerPoint but he also knows how to manipulate the ribbon and tools so that PowerPoint is easier to use. I am not just learning about how to do 3D effects, but also how to use PowerPoint more efficiently. I had no idea they had sample templates with instructions. I didn’t look! This is a good way of learning because it is interactive as such. I am not just sitting there like a stuffed chook taking in information. I am working with my PowerPoint learning about it as I go along. I can switch Chuckie off and on as I need to and he doesn’t mind a bit. It has made me really think about how I will get students to work with technology in class. Learning and doing is better than placid absorption. Chuckie Delano is using PowerPoint 2007 so at the start of the video the instructions will differ if you are using PowerPoint 2010.
PowerPoint 2010 Go here in 2010 to find the first screen.
examples template Then go to the examples templates in the second image and download what you wish so you can follow what he is doing. It is 16 minutes of well thought out instruction which can go a long way and at your own pace.

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