World Book Club

World Book ClubThe BBC world book club does a lot to support reading, authors,  interest in reading and knowledge of books. It regularly offers podcasts where they discuss particular books and you can email in questions to ask the author if you keep a track of which podcasts are coming up. They also have a bank of video clips where authors discuss their books. You can listen live or use the on demand services. It really is a good site to help keep reading and authorship real and authentic.

Another good site is Goodreads. You can track your reading and write reviews. It is also a site which offers insight into authors and books and encouragement to read. Right now they are holding a vote on the best books for 2017 which you might like to participate in.

Both of these sites offer a strong connection development between authors and readers and that’s how you do it in 2017.

Podcasting tutorials

I told you there was a Fairy God_Webber. It is the reason I blog. I can  come here and write what I am thinking or why I am stuck, or what I am learning, or trying to learn. I explain what the issues are and what I need and bingo…the Fairy God_Webber goes to work and brings me what I need. The internet is about sharing ideas and connecting with others so you need a platform for that. For me the main platforms are Twitter and my blogs. I have been blogging about podcasting and what I want to do and my journey there. I have mustered resources and ideas and have been collecting software which might be suitable. All of this is blogged so I can keep my train of thought, share ideas and then collect resources. Innov8 2 Educ8 came to my help on my Twitter feed and shared some good podcasts and then some good resources. One of the resources was a link to Pat Flynn and on his blog there were links to YouTube videos he has made to help others become more proficient at podcasting. As it turns out he is very easy to listen to, explains things well and gives very clear feedback about what he is trying to teach you. A natural teacher. The personable manner along with very practical help means you are quickly in control of what you are trying to learn. From this first video I have learned a lot about microphones so I need to go and get one .I am in a better position  now to make a sensible purchase. I wrote earlier I was really going to focus on sound this year and that post is where I gathered some good information on microphones as well. I feel so much more confident . I have some good visual and written materials to get me going and I have some good software as well. Pat Flynn’s website gives some excellent information about podcasting and how to get started.

What podcasts do you listen to?

podcastAs I explained earlier, I plan to work on sound this year because I have focussed heavily on visual elements and  sound has been by way of enhancement. This year I plan to improve  using sound , creating sound and focussing on sound in assignments and tasks which is why I am asking you about podcasts. It is unclear to me how popular they are with others but I got my email  in from Rantings of an Amateur Chef and there he was writing a post about a podcast he’d listened to. Maybe it’s a cooking thing. When I am cooking that is  one of the times I am listening to a podcast or two. The Ranting Chef is a great blog if you like cooking. He writes well and comes up with some great recipes and then this post on a podcast which reminded me to write about it myself. I think podcasts would be highly suited to classroom activity. It would make a change from visuals and assignment pages. It would also force students to make better choices in terms of how they compose and formulate information . They can integrate other sounds and make it a bit more like a radio show, or they can keep it simpler and just talk. They will soon learn they need to be animated and articulate. For oral development and thinking skills podcasts are ideal because they can be of any length. One of the regular podcasters I listen to every week actually did a survey on his Facebook page to see if people wanted 5 minute podcasts or the longer ones of 20 minutes. I prefer the longer ones because I fit one in on my way to work and one on the way home and then other short podcasts for variety. Yes, podcasts are a valuable addition to my drive time. I learn so much and good podcasts are able to keep my attention. By now I know which ones I like. So, for me, cooking and driving times are when I listen to podcasts. I use a lot of podcasts and so am thinking they are something worth exploring in an educational way . I know my senior students use the podcasts I recommend to help them with their learning. They like to download them onto their phones or iPod Touches. Junior students don’t seem to like them so much , perhaps because their attention span is shorter. Another reason to work on podcasts , I think. It might help develop better listening and attention skills. Obviously, these are my thoughts as I think them. I am working on a plan. In the meantime I am curious to know what podcasts you listen to and where.

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