Photo Collage

photo collageThis is a great free site for making a group of images look more interesting. It helps you with the design process so that you can create images which are more individual and more aesthetic. it’s not just for collages though. There is a suite of tools which will help make your images look better and things like the built in screenshot taker. It allows you to have access to some good tools to create interesting images. I found it very easy to use when I was making my  new Facebook cover. Just a reminder:

Facebook cover :  851 x 315 pixels

Facebook  profile picture : 180 x 180 pixels

PhotoCollage runs in several European languages.  You select yours with the flag drop down menu.


So how good are you with Adobe Photoshop?

Erik Johansson is incredibly talented in visual art. His videos and web page show how a real master blends real life and virtual reality. Watching his creative process you understand that nothing is too much or too difficult to achieve his artistic ends. You also realise he is prepared to put 123 layers into his Adobe Photoshop creations to achieve what he wants. The blending of real and imagined is seamless. The detail is infinitesimal and he is incredibly painstaking in the way he goes about creating his images. Technology can shift the boundaries and imagination can reach out and use its limitlessness to show itself. What can be imagined now was restricted before but that same imagination has to be very disciplined and precise in its thinking to achieve its goals with technology. Near enough is not good enough and precision is everything.

Go for Grungetastic

GrungetasticI got Grungeastic free from the AppoftheDay and there should still be some time left to get it free if you are really quick. It is not an expensive app, though. Creating interesting images is a must because we are churning through our visual world very rapidly. Good images are appealing and set off the other content you want people to pay attention to. In a class of 30 you need to be able to offer options so that students can produce original work and you are all not looking at the same things all of the time. Grungetastic has a range of filters, borders and other customisations. It is easy to use, but it is also very comprehensive. I really enjoyed turning my iPad picture into a grungePad picture!

DIY Light Tent Project

There are plenty of fancier DIY light tents on You Tube and plenty of fancier clips. I chose this one because it is just simple. No fuss, no frills but it shows you clearly how to make a light tent to improve image quality when you are photographing smaller objects. Yes, you can go down the shop and buy a light tent. Making one is a nice little project for children and adults alike. A rainy afternoon project, or a too hot to go outside project, or you have to stay in because there’s too much snow project. It would be a nice way to pass a couple of hours or a double lesson. Personally, I’d use baking paper instead of tissue paper since you can buy a whole roll and use it for baking as well as light tents! Tissue paper is not necessarily so easy to come buy. This way you can get everything in the supermarket. Part of the creativity could be to make it look really cool by using different tape colours and decoration. It needs to be kept simple, though, because the reflective white is the key. The other reason I chose this clip is because you can watch and build at the same time. It is clearly stepped in its procedure and so if you have your tablet, phone or laptop you can have the best of both worlds and use technology to be creative and then enhance your image production. Technology is a tool. It’s not an end in itself. I am always using my tablet to help me actually physically do something in the same way I see people use their phones to photograph someone doing something so they remember the steps. Happy building and happy clicking!

Mac Photography

Mac Photography Tips is a site for everyone who is using a Mac. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to work out how to get the best out of your Mac or whether you are good a photography and want to get better or if you are migrating from Windows to Mac, you will find something on this site to help you. It has some good lessons for beginners but the beauty of this site is that it gives you instructions with pictures. You can see what you need to click and change. It is very methodical and the writer of this site is enthusiastic and has a cheerful approach to photography. The icing on the cake are the iPhone and iPad tips which are appearing now.

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