Windows 10 Day 3

windows key xIt is all going well. The system boots quickly and it shuts down quickly. This version of Windows appears to be operating more smoothly than other versions and I really like it. My latest trick is Windows key then x because bottom left it brings up a menu with things like System, Command Prompt, Control Panel and Networking Centre. Makes it easy to access those critical areas of a computer. Public PicturesI found my pictures which I had not filed into folders. They are in the Public Pictures so you can go to the C drive\Users\Public and you will find the public folders there or you can go to the web and Windows search, type in Public Pictures , then click on My Stuff (seriously!) and it will come up in the search. Windows 10 has been very easy to adapt to.

Windows 10 upgrade

windows 10 I really need to get a life. I watched this screen for 2 hours this morning when the notice came the upgrade was ready. I have watched it for 2 hours tonight. It says they are working on it. Good. I am working on it , too. Living.

Change size Windows 8 app tiles

While I am deciding whether to do the Windows 8.1 upgrade I have been redesigning my Metro start screen. One of the things which isn’t obvious is that if it is not a Windows 8 app, you cannot change the size of the tile. Windows 8 start screen is really colourful and interesting to watch! I like the movement. It also tends to intuitively gather like app tiles together when you download them. I have resized the ones I can and just left the others as small tiles. I have also cleared away and unpinned the tiles I don’t need on my start screen. I tend to go to my desktop first and then to the start screen when I want my favourite programmes. I am using Win 8 on a desktop computer and not a device.metro desktop As for the upgrade, there is a very good review of it here at Gizmodo. It needs about 10 to 15 GB of space to install and about an hour. That’s why I am thinking about it. I won’t have to pay for it but it is a massive update and I need to be sure it’s worth the time and effort since I really like how my Windows 8 computer is running and how it looks.

What is an operating system?

operating system It has come to my attention that a lot of people do not know what an operating system is. Without an operating system you have no computer. An OS (operating system) is the management system for your computer. Most people are familiar with Microsoft Windows operating system.Windows 7 is the newest version of the Windows operating system. Apple runs a unix based operating system. The newest one out is Lion but most people are running on Snow Leopard. Linux has a wide variety of operating systems like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora , Mandriva, SuSE. I run different operating systems because they all have their advantages.

If you are running an operating system on a workplace/school then the computers need to be able to “talk” to the server or servers which are running the system. You need to use the recommended and supported OS for work and you need to be mindful that you cannot change things on a workplace computer without talking to a technician about it. Most work computers are set with one operating system and that is the one you use for your workplace. If you try and run a different OS you will have compatibility problems because different OS’s speak a different language and it is very hard to make a lot of computers work together if they are not running a compatible OS.

At home you might have your operating system dictated by your internet service provider. Some internet providers find it hard to work with Linux and some find it hard to work with older versions of Windows. Your internet service provider will generally be helpful in providing you good information as to how to smooth out your internet connection.

That said, I use the operating system the school provides for school AND I DO NOT CHANGE IT. It is a workplace computer and has to fit into a big system. At home I run the latest versions of Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Windows 7 but my Apple laptop is quite happy on my home network too.

There is a very clear explanation of operating systems here at

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