NextpadNextpad is a visually improved version of Windows 10 Notepad. Notepad is a simple text editor but you can use it for scripts, web page design, time logs  and text editing. I have often used it to sort out font mismatches. There are times where I have cut and pasted text and then the fonts won’t converge into one font. The quickest way around it is to copy and paste all the text into Notepad and then back into the document. You can then sort out the fonts easily. I also use Notepad too ,well,to  keep notes while I am working on something. It’s just quick and easy. The other advantage is the text files are small. Sometimes you are looking to save space for data. Nextpad operates like Notepad but has a really nice interface and I have put them next to each other in the picture so you can see. Nextpad integrates with your Windows colour scheme. You can contact the developers of Nextpad if you have ideas , want to give feedback or want to know the latest news on the app. It is free from the Windows store. The only negative I can see is you cannot appear to  time stamp it and sometimes that is needed.


When I first saw the link to iDiary I thought it was an Apple application. It’s not , it is for Windows. Apple has a nice downloadable iDiary from iTunes here which you can use on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You pay for it. The iDiary for Windows is a free download without the bells and whistles but its attraction is its encryptions,password protection and beautifully simple interface. Some sites recommend it for journalling and keeping personal thoughts. I wouldn’t do that but you can put in hyperlinks and images so it’s a useful diary, note taker, speech preparer, reminder, list keeper. It has a spiral bound interface and the toolbar does everything, including search your entries, so it’s perfect for keeping lecture notes and would be handy for the Netbooks. It’s like a word processor so any text based things you want to accomplish can be done and if it is preparation for an assignment or project you can keep the resource links and images you want. You can download it here. It’s not really a Tweens application. It’s for anyone who needs a calendar and text application. It is password protected and can be exported and imported to other computers. Quite handy really.

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