New Year’s resolution generator

new year resolutionThe resolution generator I used to use has gone and so I have been looking around for a new one. I am not big on resolutions but it’s nice to have something in mind and a generator can get you thinking. There is one specifically for tech resolutions on lifesize. Cleaning up my cabling (again) and not using production as a test environment are not such bad thoughts. I quite like the whimsical generator on scratch. Now I have my resolution, I can get on with the year’s discoveries.


20 apps for New Year Resolutions

21thnextweb has reviewed 20 apps to help you keep control of any resolutions you want to make for 2017. The apps will help you to achieve whatever it is you want to do . In fact, if you look at the apps you will see they will help motivate you to have ideas about achieving things you want to do. I had only looked at the first one and setting myself a 21 day challenge is the sort of thing I respond to well. To have an app to customise my challenge is a bonus. A lot of them are goal setting apps but it is how they set that up which will determine whether you respond and the app helps you to achieve what you want. I like the look of the MindBloom app.  I shall take a closer look at that.

Animate your NY resolutions

One thing I know from using technology in my classroom and experimenting with what makes students learn and how they can learn better with technology, is that students love moving text. They are very efficient at learning and remembering when the text is animated. The grade one teacher in the YouTube video has animated the NY resolutions he got his students to do. The clip is a good teaching resource since it shows you how he did it as well as what he did. His students will remember their resolutions and probably fulfil them because he has animated them. I wonder if they like the music? I found it a bit depressing but that is probably a generational thing. They do say only usually 40% of people will keep to their resolution on their first try. If we want to use the New Year as a teaching opportunity then we need to capitalise on the value of technology. Animation is one of its gifts in the classroom. There are other resolution tools on the Sorey Fitness site. I am thinking I could maybe adapt this for French or it would make a change from the customary goal setting with a home group. In any case it’s a good way to start a new year on a positive note with students. It would be good to let them make their own animations for resolutions. High school students ought to be able to come up with something interesting and original.

Random Resolution Generator

New Year resolutionsNot sure what to decide for your New Year’s resolutions? Try this random resolution generator. It actually has positive and kind resolutions: the sort you would want to keep! I found it quite enjoyable running through the resolutions on offer and it made me realise that you can resolve to do simple acts which will improve your own life and the life of others’ in a helpful, gentle way. Resolutions are often about deprivation rather than enhancement. These resolutions are about embellishing life so I think I might look at them all and pick my 5 favourites. I actually feel like I want to accomplish these resolutions! Is there an app for that?

New Year’s Resolution Ideas has achievable resolutions too at the click of a button.

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