Mobile phone detox

I did complete a one week mobile phone detox earlier this year by accident and yes, it really makes you value your phone and what it offers. This video looks at people not having their phone for a week and the impact it had on them. A number of them said they focussed better without it. I didn’t find that to be the case because I am very focussed anyway and when I did not have my phone it created some interesting scenarios but did not interrupt my life because I am not phone dependent. The ease of living is what is highlighted. The ease of being able to contact others. I was brought up in the era of if you don’t have it you make do and mend and do without. In Adelaide we have had constant and prolonged interruptions to our new, electric train service over the last 4 years. At the beginning it was for over a year. Then there were outages to repair problems and then interruptions because of other problems. We have had to learn to do without and find the work arounds . It has also given us an appreciation of what we have. We have also lived without our Expressway. I think that is the point of any exercise like this whether it is planned or accidental. It forces you to notice the value of something in your life. It forces you to practice the art of noticing so you can understand better how to make the most of something. It also forces you to be inventive in your solutions so it is keeping your high level skills working. No one learns to sail on a calm ocean. Disruptions gets all those cogs working and then you need fine weather to really build on those skills and your newly acquired knowledge. In some schools in France they have tried a one week technology detox at home and at school and everyone has fed into the reporting back so they can understand better the positives and negatives of technology. It creates natural debate around the top as this video does. We live in a world full of technology. We need to understand it.

Mobile phone detox

Samsung Galaxy ExpressLife offered me the opportunity of a mobile phone detox . I grabbed it with both hands. Why wouldn’t you if you were stupid enough to leave your phone at someone’s place.? Yes, I could have jumped back in the car and done a two hour round trip again. I didn’t.  Dare I go without my phone for a week? I took life’s challenge. As it turned out , it was no big deal to be in a mobile phone free zone for a week but when I got my phone back today I confess I was really pleased to see it. Took me until yesterday to work out I had my phone contacts backed up on my computer. Not having my mobile phone put holes in my thinking! When I left it behind I contacted people who were likely to use my mobile number by sending and email and letting them know. The rest of the week I used email or Facebook to keep in touch. I have a landline. I made calls that way. When I was out I couldn’t contact anyone and it also meant if I had a flat tyre or breakdown I’d be back to the olden days looking for a landline to make a call. We don’t have phone boxes anymore. On the train to town I couldn’t use my memo app, my calendar , my games or texting. I used a pen and paper to try and create my mock up for my blog post. The train was rocking and sliding. The couple across the way from me were laughing with me at the impossibility of writing or drawing on our nice new Adelaide trains. I could have taken my small tablet but it would have defeated the purpose of seeing what it was like without a phone for a week. I managed well without a phone but a mobile phone does make things easier and it does keep you safe. When I put it on today and connected to wifi it went mad updating apps and sending me all the message and notification updates. For 20 minutes it was crazy. Now all is silent. I especially like taking photos with it. I missed checking the weather. I missed making notes and I missed the Samsung notification whistle. Staying up to date is effortless that way. For me it is a handy device but I have to say after a week without one I could adjust easily to not having one. For me its prime functions are keeping me safe and to take photos. What would happen in your life if you didn’t have a phone for a week?

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