MIT technology review

MIT technology reviewThe MIT technology review site brings you a current reading of  technology developments, changes and possibilities in our world. Technology is not going to go away. It looks at AI and its impact. It considers how intuitive technology will be able to respond to your moods and emotions. It looks at security issues, opportunities in the technological world and the way technology is reframing how we can learn and interact with each other. It is a site well worth book marking.

“According to a World Economic report, 35 percent of core workplace skills will change between 2015 and 2020, with complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration in high demand.”

Is the future tactile?

It’s worth watching this video so you can fully appreciate and enjoy the comments beneath the clip. This has had over 6 million views on YouTube and the real world has automatically connected with the idea in a very practical way with suggestions which bring a smile to your face. So is the future tactile? Tangible Media at MIT believes so. This clip was made 2 years ago and there are no obvious applications of it which have become apparent. That might be because it is being used in medical or space technology where you would not necessarily know whether it is being used or not. I’m curious to know where the developments are now with tactile technology.

Learn Science by Gaming

What is Vanished?
“Vanished is an 8-week online/offline mystery game for middle-school children, meant to inspire engagement and problem solving through science. Developed and curated by MIT’s Education Arcade and the Smithsonian Institution, VANISHED is a first-of-its-kind experience where participants become investigators racing to solve puzzles and other online challenges, visit museums and collect samples from their neighborhoods to help unlock the secrets of the game. Vanished also provides a unique opportunity for players to collaborate Smithsonian scientists, MIT students, and their peers online. Players can only solve the mystery by using real scientific methods and knowledge to unravel the game’s secrets.”

This information is from the MIT Vanished site, a game which has been designed by MIT game designers to engage middle school children in Science. Students will also be engaging with scientists and their local museums. In this way the game is the vehicle for connecting students with a community of high level learners and experts in order to solve problems, learn, adapt their thinking, research. The game started on April 4th and ends 31st May and you can be caught up if you didn’t start at the beginning. With these kinds of initiatives developing the current writing of curricula is looking a bit dusty. This initiative is inline with comments some of my senior students made in class recently – they just wished they could learn. They wanted me as a teacher to construct modules and units and entrusted me with their learning path but then they wanted to be able to say – can we follow this up? Can we do that? They actually wanted to form learning partnerships.Vanish is very much that and the teachers would be there to monitor, trouble shoot, enlighten and follow up the things which were sparking the interest of students. It’s a great initiative because it is using community knowledge to extend how we are learning and the forums the students participate in presumably indicate how and what they are learning and the sorts of things which set them on fire as learners. They leave 4 000 posts a day, so they must be keen.

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