Adding bullets and numbering in Word


I am writing this post because today two people I know were driving themselves crazy trying to get Word to number and bullet properly. Often happens when you have more than one line and not just a list. It’s important to go back to basics and remind yourself to check and double check settings. Sometimes you have to clear the settings out. Word is designed with big companies and offices in mind and so if you change what you are doing frequently you can sometimes fall foul of the settings. You can read straight forward instructions here on computerhope. There are times when it’s most certainly not you – it’s them – and the best thing to do is Google for help with something like: how to fix numbering in Word 2013. You If nothing else you will be comforted to know it’s not just you!!

View Excel workbooks simultaneously

Excel workbookI have just been through this silly thing of trying to look at two different Excel workbooks. I wanted to view them side by side but as I clicked on one it replaced the other one. I googled, as you do, and found this helpful advice on the Microsoft support site. If you open two workbooks they are down on the taskbar and you can switch between them by clicking on the relevant one. If you want to view them simultaneously you have to go to View and Arrange All. Easy when you know how! I am using Office 2007. I have other version but his one is my favourite.

Get rid of stupid blank pages in Word

word blank pagesIt is so annoying when you have a really good word document all finished and then you find out there are these extra blank pages you don’t want. There are two fixes:

1. Reset the margins and remove as much as you can from the bottom of the page and the blank page will magically disappear.

3. By using select all or running the cursor over the page you will find out if there are mystery objects on the page which you were oblivious to. Like the blank page I have just had. It had image boxes in various places. Once I removed them from the page I clicked on the page and pressed delete and it vanished forever.

Use newsletter templates for assignments

newsletter Image : Microsoft Office templates

I have used Pages and Microsoft Office newsletter templates for – er  – well, newsletters. If I have run a team, I have produced a weekly newsletter to keep us all up to date. It has never occurred to me before to use them to set up assignments and now I have done my first one, there will be lots more! In 2013 they are the perfect way to set up detailed and colourful assignment sheets. My MacBook has the latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac. The template I chose (not the one shown) has some good colours and plenty of spots for pictures. It meant I could easily theme the assignment, organise the instructions and don’t forgets, insert texts to support our learning and the listening exercises I have. I could use some of the boxes for exercises to learn things like the passive voice and the imperfect tense. I could use other boxes for vocabulary  specific to the assignment. There is room to add performance criteria and/or assessment criteria but I have to put that on a separate sheet for this particular group of students. With a newsletter format I noticed it made me think logically about what specific content I wanted the students to learn and then what else I could do as scaffolding. I used the plain block coloured boxes to put little bits of reminder information. It meant I could not be too wordy. My belief is this new found newsletter approach will aid clarity of what to learn and how to learn it. I am looking forward to seeing what the students think of this new approach. What I have actually done in a sense is turned my assignment into electronic book format. Now, there’s a thought.

Merge slides into Powerpoint presentations

insert new slides Sometimes you want to add slides from a Powerpoint presentation into your new one. Slide presentations need to be changed, updated, reformatted and just used for other purposes. Slide presentations are a bank of resources to be utilised. To add slides form one presentation to the other is the same on Windows and Mac but Windows will bring the slides to be selected up on the right. The images I am using are for the Mac because that is what we use at school.
1. Open the presentation
2. Click on New Slide top left in toolbar.
3. Select insert slides from other presentation.
select ppt slides to insert
4. Browse and choose the presentation you want to use. Click to open
5. Select slide(s) you want to insert
6. Click insert and continue with steps 4-6 until you have selected all the slides you wish.

Don’t forget to save it as your new presentation!

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