As I often do, I am putting up this post so I don’t lose my links to Emby because it is something I want to find out more about. It has a functional free version and then you can subscribe to the premium version with extra functionality of you want to. It is designed to organize all you media , including streaming media , across devices. Emby has parental controls if you need them and appears to read all the media files and then have a very workable user interface. It syncs and backs up your so no matter which device you are using you can access what you want from anywhere. Judge for yourself. The video and site explain what you need to know to see whether you are interested.


100 most subscribed Australian You Tube Channels

This is interesting, to say the least. The top 100 most subscribed You Tube Channels in Australia. As a teacher you need to be aware of the media influences and influencers and what local content is having an impact globally. You need neither like nor dislike it. You can value it or not as you choose. You are a teacher: an educator and education is about enlightening experiences and authentic learning. Sometimes you have to know what is currently holding society in its thrall so you can work a pathway to learning objectives though content delivery. Sometimes you need to know what the influences are so you can balance them by creating perspective and context. You Tube is a big influencer and our students spent a lot of time on it. I wonder how much? They used to come out with how much time students spent watching television and then playing games. I haven’t seen any information about how much time students spend on which internet sites.

This is how you do it!

ooa rev's art oo rev’s LifeArt is a wonderful example of how you put together a blog and then link it to your other sites on the internet so that you offer a full and rich media experience for people. This person obviously has talent and the blog focuses on the exploration and showcasing of their art skills. From the blog you can then go to ooAmerica and follow the road trip. The author of these sites integrates art, written posts, videos and images to create an environment which educates and informs. It is very 2012 and an excellent example of how you can take content and drive it through the internet and create some really good meaning for others. It is a comprehensive use of talents and skills. It uses both visual and linguistic literacy skills which encompass so many of our curriculum areas. Showing this to students would enable them to see just how much is possible and how our world is changing for the better in its communication strategies . The author then directs you to links to Facebook and Twitter to complete your experience but it also ensures them a wide and varied audience. This in turn makes sure the author gets some good feedback to grow on. I love the educational possibilities of this approach.

Easy TV

Live TV As a rule I do not like toolbars on my browser. They clutter the screen and cut down space and often they do not actually offer anything helpful. One search box is sufficient. I have installed LiveTV as a toolbar on Internet Explorer in Windows 7. I did install it on my MacBook on Firefox but it didn’t work very well. That might be for various reasons to do with the network set up , Apple or Firefox itself . It doesn’t work very well on Windows 7 on Firefox either. On Internet Explorer it is fast and efficient. I can watch TV from so many countries and okay, the choices are limited for some places, but the very fact we have reached the day where we can watch television from anywhere in the world is a grand step forward for the planet and human relations. The global village where you and I can watch the same TV. In time I’d like to think there will be more choices, but as it stands it is a great TV viewing option for me. There are also a number of useful media links which come with the toolbar which will help you internationalise yourself.

Net Safety

It is not easy being an educator using online materials and so a site like CommonSenseMedia comes into its own and to our rescue. There are cartoon and animation sites which would be great to use in class but there is unsuitable material on some of these sites because they are for the general public. We have a duty of care and we cannot just use anything and any site. At this stage there is no rating for sites. At some stage we need to consider rating sites as suitable for different age groups and educational purposes. That would be helpful. The same as we have ratings for DVDs and films. CommonSenseMedia allows you to search for films, websites and other types of media and get a review and rating. There is also a section for educators so that you can participate more fully and it’s a great site for parents. It is not just a Net safety site, though, it allows you to discover some really worthwhile materials and keep up to date with the media trends.

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