One minute on the internet

internet 60 seconds

There used to be a saying something along the lines that a successful person knew how to use 5 minutes wisely. If you look at this infographic , then we could well reduce that to one minute. It is mindboggling what happens in one minute on the internet. Since 2017 this has all increased dramatically. We are more connected that ever and, clearly, we want to be. There is no doubt that technology is a part of our daily lives in a big way  and that it is largely to do with connecting with others. Lori Lewis who is very involved with radio broadcasting and its reach has supplied these graphics and discusses them on allaccess. People are using multiple devices and the royal wedding  recently demonstrated that clearly. As device and internet users we are plugged in , constantly connected , commenting, conversing and researching. People can reject this way of being but clearly , with the increase in that behaviour, it is now who we are. It is not doing. It is being. We want o share our thoughts and ideas. We want to engage with others. We want to act and react. We can do that across the planet. How that evolves is up to us and it’s all about collaboration rather than competition.

Internet treacle

slow internet speedsI live in a part of the city which is giving a whole new meaning to the word upgrade. The mindboggling ramifications of any upgrade in my area have to be lived to be believed. Our train has been being upgraded. We haven’t had one for over year. It then came back and vanished. It now runs sometimes and who knows when? The transit corridor to the city is being upgraded. For nearly two years three major roads have been inaccessible. Those are now accessible but they have blocked a fourth one which is a main corridor for this area. Doesn’t matter. We are upgrading the Expressway. I was thanking my lucky stars I was running my phone on a 4G network because they are upgrading the mobile coverage for 3G. I  also noticed Windows 8.1 was doing some updates the other night. For the last couple of days I have had internet treacle. There have been a number of things I cannot do because I have been running at a spectacularly impressive speed of 56K. I was expecting to hear the dial up tones at any moment. Linux has managed considerably better than Windows 8 but it hasn’t been at all satisfactory. I checked the ISP and, yes, there is an upgrade to the broadband going on in my area. I never even had the thought I’d be upgraded to dazzling dial up speeds. Apart from going mental as anything what have I been doing when I am forced to run at 1990s dial up speed? I have  laptops running different versions of OS. Current computers run bloated software, invariably need internet connection for said software to function well and we are all connected on social networks. My desktop was useless at one stage. Linux Mint Maya survived pretty well and got things done for me. Using flash became out of the question. My iPad has been my friend because it easily accesses social networks even at abysmal internet speed. It also has productivity software which functions under those same tragic conditions. At the moment I am back on my desktop because the situation has improved. Not perfect, not optimum conditions and not as good as before the upgrade. No surprises there. If I have to I’ll get out a really old laptop and run an old version of Linux because if I am going to run at 1990s internet speeds I need to match the device and software. There is a real flaw in our technology roll out around the planet. If you want people to use high end devices and engage with the latest versions – you had better have the infrastructure to enable said devices.

Love my lolly pink cable

charger I now have to work with iPad/iPod 2 and iPad 5 cables. It can get a bit confusing when you are in a hurry. In the car I connect my iPad 5 and my iPod 2. I don’t want to confuse them. Nor do I want to confuse school cables and home cables. My lovely lolly pink cable is the very thing. They come in other colours, too . I got this one from a department store. There is no doubt this is my cable nor any doubt it is actually the cable I keep in the car. It is longer than the standard Apple cable so it can be a bit more convenient. I always find the Apple cables are too short for what I want to do. I wasn’t sure if a non-Apple cable would work – but it does!

Shove them in a room

Learning hub

Shove them in a room and let them learn

Offer teachers a meeting and they will invariably spray grapefruit juice over you and say they have better things to do with their time and lessons to prepare. Give teachers training , though, and that training will go to work in a thousand ways. In my post about managing technology I explained how important it was to ensure teachers felt competent and the difference that makes in classroom practice and beyond. I also mentioned in that post that our office has naturally become an ICT learning hub just because it has a good mix of teachers in terms of experience, interests and culture. Recess time can be like that, too. I remember one recess where we were all discussing what we did with our iPads and the relative merits of the large iPad versus the mini one. It was  amazing how differently we all used our iPads. It was an informative, lively discussion. One of the strengths of teachers is they are gregarious by nature. They are always reluctant meeting attenders but put them in a room together and they will find things to talk about and they will discover new things for learning. That leads me to the belief that one of the effective ways of enabling teachers with technology is to shove them in a room for a designated amount of time and give them a technology topic. I’d say an hour at the least with an option to extend to 2 hours. Ask them to get their phones out and share what they do with them. Ask them to share the best thing they have done with technology. Shove them in a room with iPads and ensure some of them are good at this and let them discover what can be done. Let them explore whiteboard use and FLEXIBILITY. Let them share the best software they know or the best apps. The group has to have some who are good at something and then you just let teachers explore.They might spend the whole time on the one area but they would probably naturally extend it into other things. It’s called learning. This week in the office we have been looking at software and how we use it. We didn’t set a topic . It just happened that way. Once you share all that discovery back into your main group then it will be that much stronger and more competent. That same practice can then be translated into classroom technology practice. Teachers are good like that. They will learn something for themselves and then automatically convert it into viable, multi-faceted classroom delivery.

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