Mac Lion OS X Trackpad

Next week is the next laptop roll out for the new year 9s. Their macbooks are coming preloaded with Lion. Our others run on Snow Leopard. Lion is more like an iPad and an iPhone so lots of students will easily adjust to the new OS. It also has a file sharing feature called Airdrop so files can be shared across the network. I am looking forward to helping with the roll out but, for us, it is a big commitment since we are a big school and so it means everything has to be just right before we can do the roll out. Our technicians and home group teachers help with the roll out and the students come along with their parents. There is then a facilitator. Someone like me who will help students set up their new Macbook. I did it last year and it was a very heart warming exercise and so completely different from anything else I have done as a teacher. It is a different way of connecting with students and their parents. This video lets you have a quick look at Lion. Its trackpad gestures are slightly different so you need to familiarise yourself with those.The person explaining it does not cover too much too fast so it is quite easy to see how Lion works in principle. I see the iPad similarity as a strength since the iPad interface is easy to manipulate and manage and the nested groups mean you can keep apps under control! The desktop feature which comes with Lion  is common to all Linux operating systems. It can be very helpful if you are working on a number of things at once which you often are in a school. This video is a good starting place for  Lion.

The Incredible Free Manual for Every Mac User

white macbook This manual dates back to 2009 but has a wealth of information in a manageable and helpful format to help you navigate your Mac OS. It is handy if you are migrating from Windows or if you just want to become more familiar , more quickly with your Mac. So head over to makeuseof .com and get the pdf of your incredible Free Manual for Every Mac User. Jackson Chung has done a great job in providing some really sound information for people on Macs.

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Top Posts

Top Posts March 2012My last review of top posts is here. Well, there has been quite a bit of change with my top posts this quarter.
1. Differentiating social media features an image I chanced upon and thought showed very effectively not only how embedded social media now are in our society but also how they vary slightly in their impact , use and capacity to effect change. For the first time I have a post which exceeds my home page hits – by quite a bit. That post has been a runaway success and demonstrates clearly how images can carry your message and just how important people view social media to be.
2.Telefunken TEL7J tablet This is an android tablet I just happened to see and was so cheap I bought it. I then sat with it and found it is actually a pretty handy little gadget. The posts I have put up not only have been very popular , they have drawn lots of comments and the group of people who have commented have also shared tips and tricks. It is not as intuitive as some gadgets and so you have to work through a few little barriers to get the best out of it.
3. MeTV Ubuntu 10.04 Me TV works on the newer versions of Ubuntu too. It is a reliable, helpful piece of software for Linux and this post has been right up there ever since I wrote it.
4. Mini Mac OS shortcuts This is about a little mini book you can make with all the Mac shortcuts you could possibly want. It is helpful, handy and very easy to assemble. Recently this post has just been rocketing. Guess new Macbook users are realising this is a great minibook which you can easily stash.
5. Live TV on Linux Mint Anything to do with Live TV on Linux seems to be very popular and this post shows just how easily I got my stick TV tuner running on Linux Mint. Piece of cake!

There are two other posts I am tracking. Create an online learning adventure where a group of us were ably led by Ali Anani into creating a group presentation came in at number thirteen in my top twenty posts. There was a lot of interest in our online group collaboration. The sister presentation Assessing an online learning adventure came in at number 16. There is interest in how to develop and make good use of online learning and collaboration but the interest is not sustained like it is with tech and social media posts. We still need to get it right with education so that becomes the thing which creates a buzz. It is future proofing.

MacBook Trackpad Right Click

trackpad right clickAre you a right clicker? I actually find it much easier with a mouse but the majority of MacBook users just want to use the trackpad. Makes sense. Once less thing to carry, look after and maintain. The problem is, using the right click of a mouse is very handy and trackpad users become frustrated going up to the tool bar all the time because they don’t know how to get the right click working.trackpad settings What you can do is go to system preferences and then to trackpad. When you come to that screen ensure you have ticked the box For secondary clicks, place two fingers on the trackpad then click the button. Once you have done that :
1. click once on the icon you are interested in .
2. click now with the left corner of the trackpad and two fingers resting on the trackpad rectangle.
3. Now you can see the right click menu.

Right clicking saves time – so enjoy !

Convert tapes to CD

sound waves You know all those cassette tapes you have around the place? I culled a lot of mine and replaced them with CDs and digital versions, but there are some I cannot replace especially my language learning material. I keep meaning to transfer it to my computer and maybe even create CDs. It is something to think about and plan for. In order to encourage me and you to get moving on the tape conversions I have found two clear sets of instructions. These instructions are for Windows and use Audacity. The other instructions are for Mac. If you don’t want to invest an afternoon in doing this there are paid services which will do the work for you. The longer you leave it, the more the tapes will deteriorate. I’m thinking Christmas break. I am thinking one really hot day when I cannot go outside I’ll do some tape transfer. What are you thinking?

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