Windows keyboard shortcuts

Windows 10 shortcutsYou aren’t going to remember all of the keyboard shortcuts for an operating system. Most people know the CTRL-C   CTRL-V shortcuts for copy and paste. If you learned those, you can learn others and it’s a matter of prioritising. Choose the ones you want to know and would help you and learn them one at a time. In the end you’ll know quite a few and some are better than none . There are times when you need to know keyboard shortcuts because it is the only way you can access the screen. Other times it’s good to know them because it just makes things quicker. g-Post has a complete list of Windows 10 shortcuts.

Quick MacBook shutdown

macbook shutdown Shutting down Windows on the keyboard is Alt F4 . If you have programmes open it will take more than once using the key combination. Alt F4 shuts programmes down in Windows. On a MacBook, shutting it down from the keyboard is not so obvious or so widely known but it’s easy and effective:

control – option – command – eject.

Find that text

find textTired of scrolling and looking for what you want? Can’t believe you can’t see what you are looking for? Need to tidy up the writing style on your blog? Just look at all those pink “yous” in the picture. That last post was written without proper attention to expression. Tsk. I should have done a bit of a word search. Press COMMAND and then the letter F. A slim toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen. Mine is in French because I am running my laptop in French. Yours will come up in your preferred language. Fill in the word or words you are looking for and click the highlight box to the right of the text you just filled in. Bingo. Now you can find text without scrolling for ages.

Mac Keyboard Magic

find function in browserWorking with a keyboard means you can save time if you know the shortcuts. Trick is not to try to remember everything. You won’t. Here are 3:

Command then M – minimises the page you are viewing to the Dock.

Command then D – brings up the bookmark window so you can save current page in your bookmarks

Command then F puts the Find function into the bottom of your open window and then you can search for , find and highlight any particular text you need to.

Don’t try to remember all the shortcuts. Focus on one and make yourself use it all the time. They soon become second nature!

Mac shortcuts

5 quick tricks

1. Double click on a word to highlight it. On some computers triple clicking will highlight the whole paragraph.

2. Windows key and D will hide all open windows. On a newer Apple it will be Command and F3. Press the two keys again to get the windows back.

3. Enlarge or shrink text by using Ctrl + or – in Windows and Command + or – on an Apple.

4. Ctrl s is save; alt d takes you to the address bar; ctrl x is cut; ctrl c is copy; ctrl v is paste

5. Hit the space bar to go onto the next screen on a web page. Hit shift and then the space bar to go back up to the previous screen.

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