Organise your iPad apps into folders

If you already have a lot of apps on your iPad then you will need to move them to the dock and then find the screen where you have created the folder. You slide them from the dock into the folder. For a while I could just slide the apps left or right onto the next or previous screen from where they were to get them into the folder. It is not consistent, though, so moving them to the dock and then into the folder works all the time. Organising apps into a folder makes them easier to locate if you have quite a few! Press the home button to stop the wiggling. Do not press the cross unless you wish to delete the app.

Advantages of iPads

ipad2 I borrowed an iPad2 to take to my French classes to see whether they would be any good in class or not. To cut a long story short I have found with my year 8s (beginners) it has been a real eye opener and I’d love to have a class set so they could share one between two. With my year 9s I have found they explore it more and like to see what it really does. With my year 11s they have really enjoyed using the advanced French apps . My year 8s don’t have laptops so they would really help in class. For the other year levels a couple of iPads would provide a different approach to learning french and a break from the intense approach of a laptop. The benefits I can see at present:

1. I loaded Documents free and ask students to record what they have done on the iPad there and save as a text. They have also saved images and drawings for me by using the camera and image apps. They are very honest in their appraisals and work output.

2. Every student has been totally absorbed when they have been using the iPad and any conversation has been totally about the work on the iPad.

3. Students know how touse them even if they have never been on an iPad before.

4. They agree with me that the apps are everything and that I have chosen good apps for them. Not one thinks they would replace a laptop and I agree with that.

5. The year 8s who use them can produce far better quality work if I show them the right apps or websites. I have been astounded by the level of output from the year 8s who have used it.

6. Adding the Documents Free was a good move on my part because students like to tell you what they have learned and how they learnt it.

7. iPads have a coolness factor extraordinaire. I became instant cool teacher when I brought it into class and studnets do not mind at all waiting for a turn.

8. It has really given them a motivation boost. They like pitting themselves against an iPad app. It doesn’t seem like work to them.

9. They have treated it very carefully and with respect.

10. The iPad has shown them apps they can download themselves and use on their iPod Touch or iPhone.

Now I have found the right sorts of apps and can see each year level is unique in using it I am going to explore the notion of creating work on the iPad since my year 8s have shown me they can be a real asset when it comes to producing better quality assignments in their books. I am also going to get them to rate the apps. I am getting the idea of which ones are popular and they find useful, but I need to clarify that more.

iPad Curriculum

ipad Curriculum is a good place to get started and then to keep bookmarked so that you can familiarise yourself with the sort of apps which could be used in a school curriculum. There are some very good ones. If they are paid apps then the school will have to work out how these will be paid for on shared iPads. The syncing to one computer then seems to be an issue which , in the end, will be resolved. The apps on iPad curriculum cover a number of subject areas. The advantages of an iPad in class as I have experienced are that you cannot multitask. The student has to be focussed on the app or apps you provide. Students are also very motivated to use iPads and use them very easily.They love them and want to use them. I have found the one I have been taking into class as a bit of an experiment for the last two weeks has been used constantly for the entire lesson and whether students share the iPad or are asked to try it out for me for one lesson, then they will be totally absorbed and are also finding it very easy to ask me questions. Not sure why that is. They just ask when they are stuck and even the shy students will ask.It is a matter of finding the right apps to practise various aspects of the curriculum . My students like the reference material, they like the apps which include sound, they like quizzes to test their knowledge and the ones who don’t have laptops like to use them as a help to completing worksheets.iPads + students + good apps = happy classes!

Make your iPad go to work!

Documents Free app An iPad can present a challenge because we have been brought up on or have migrated to computers. So we are used to leads, wires and things to plug in. We don’t feel right without them. An iPad requires you to rethink how you are going to achieve your ends. Three apps help you create pieces on your iPad which you can store there or online. Evernote I have blogged about before because you can use it to be a one stop shop for ideas and the creating of ideas. On the iPad it is a lifesaver because you can record things, put in pictures , write notes and text. it is an amazingly flexible application. Evernote Peek is designed for the iPad2 smart cover and based on the look, cover, learn technique. It has a number of topics and subjects which it covers . It doesn’t seem to work without the smart cover. It’s a very easy way to learn basics. The last app for today is Documents Free which is a pocket rocket office suite which is really easy to use and has some nice features. With Evernote and Documents Free you do not feel so alone on your iPad!

Blogging with iPad

iPad screen.jpgI am writing my first post from the WordPress iPad app. It doesn’t connect at school but is fine at home. Not sure yet if I can post a picture which I have saved on my iPad and which I have customized using the PhotoPad app. I have also loaded the Photoshop Express app and PhotoPad app. There are very easy apps for doing simple things with images like changing size, adding frames and using some quick filters. So far so good. I have had to come onto a computer to shift the place my image. Maybe I should have inserted the image first?! When I uploaded from the iPad the image displayed at the bottom of the post.I really do think I should have loaded the image first but that is all part of the learning curve.

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