Connect iPad2 to Whiteboard

This video shows you how to connect and iPad to a whiteboard with a VGA adapter and leads. Today I did it slightly differently with my iPad2 and was well pleased. I connected the VGA adapter to the iPad and then to the whiteboard with the purple VGA connection. I have a speaker system with my whiteboard so I connected the green jack from the speakers into the headphone/microphone socket of the iPad. It was brilliant. I could connect it up faster than my Macbook. The sound was good. The picture was big and clear. The apps I tried worked as they normally do on my iPad but it meant a whole class would be able to see and hear them. Today I didn’t have much of a chance to play around but later in the week I’ll try it with my classes. It means I can use my iPad stylus and write on the iPad if I want to.It means I can make good use of the apps I have loaded onto my iPad. It also means I can now easily show students which apps they can download onto their iPod Touches and their iPhones so we can make better use of mobile technology. The students I spoke to certainly seemed very keen to learn all about that. Tomorrow I am packing my iPod Touch as well to see how that displays on my board. If I could carry my classroom in my pocket I’d be astounded! You can also connect a whiteboard with Apple TV. That might be an avenue you’d like to explore if you are interested.

How to draw apps

how to draw app What I like about my iPad is it enables me to do the things I might not be able to do without it. As such it has an invaluable place in my life. I am surrounded by artists and people who are good at art. I’d like to be able to draw because I think with tablet devices it would open up some new avenues for teaching and learning and get away from the all too easy cut and paste non thinking approach. I am ever grateful for cut and paste but how wonderful it would be to create my own creations, no matter how simple. I downloaded two free drawing apps. I started with the cup on the Easy Drawing Lessons app. I drew a mug which I could actually show to others this morning. I had used my stylus and by the time I had finished I actually felt like I’d be able to get a pencil and paper and draw it myself. This was a major breakthrough. There must be students like me who feel like they just cannot draw. The other app I downloaded was How to Draw. This is a series of video lessons. They are explained so well and then you can see what is being done. It inspires confidence. I can look at the videos as much as I want to learn. I felt as though I’d be able to replicate some of those techniques. I feel happy now. I feel like I have something which can move me forward and enable me to explore tablet applications for teaching and learning in a different way.

Nest your apps

nested apps

Create nested groups for apps

If you share an iPad or you have lots of apps then nested groups are the way to go. This way individuals can set up their own group of apps or you can group your apps into a category. So how do you do it?

1. Locate two similar apps like Italian cooking and French cooking.
2. Press on the icon of one of them until all your apps wiggle.
3. You will notice the apps have a black cross in the corner too.
4. If you press the back cross you will DELETE the app from your iPad (it’s still stored in iTunes and your back ups)
5. Hold your finger on the app icon and slide it on top of the other app.
6. It will disappear and your iPad will come up with a screen to suggest the name of your new group.
7. If you like the name keep it. If you don’t tap on it to get the keyboard and change the name of your group.
8. Tap the top screen to get rid of the group name screen.
9. You will now see your new group icon.
10. Move apps you want in your new group one at a time down onto your dock.
11. Now slide them up into your new group.
12. Repeat process for similar apps

You now can create another nested group. I have them for bookmarked apps, reading, productivity, reference , cooking and so on. Much easier!

Amuse yourself with Appstream


So amusing!

I downloaded the free app Appstream onto my iPad today. From the moment I saw it I was engaged. It is amusing to watch the icons move around so it has an instant calming and cheering effect and could well be used as a stress buster and desktop toy! It’s one of those apps which is really well conceived and thought out but falls short of perfect. I wouldn’t blog about it if I didn’t think it was worthwhile and I am keeping it on my iPad because I think it will improve with time. Like many things on the internet it is really important for ideas to be shared and see how consumers are using products before anyone can actually tweak what they are offering to meet market needs. It is very easy to use. I was actually looking for French apps. I could easily find Spanish , Italian, Japanese, Chinese and English apps whether I set the app to France or Australia. When I set the app to France I got more Spanish and Italian apps but found no French apps. This was a bit frustrating. I wanted to set the language or be able to do a search for French apps. What I really liked was I could set the app to free apps or paid apps. This is really helpful. I also liked the gentle push notifications to the right of the screen. I do not mind at all if apps send me push notifications in a considerate manner. This is often how I find out about new ideas or new trends. I shall be using this app when I am looking for new apps. It puts me in a good mood and it gives me ideas. I just hope they might be able to sort the language thing out. The other thing I might mention is that apps like this can concern me a bit because you never know what might come up on the screen. As it turned out ,for the whole time I was working with the app , I was in a safe and considerate environment.

Connect your iPad to HDTV

iPad2 I borrowed an iPad adapter to see if this would work. It does! It takes 2 minutes and is as easy as pie. You need the adapter to connect to the iPad. I connected the iPad charger to the other outlet. Then I connected the iPad to the HDTV with an HDMI lead. I have learnt I need a longer HDMI cable for my set up or I am sitting awkwardly with the iPad. No matter. I know it works. The bigger picture is good to look at and the adapter comes up with some extra search functionality which I can use.iPad So I’ll be off to the shops soon to get myself a longer HDMI lead and an iPad adapter. I just wish we had HDMI connections on our whiteboards at school!! VGA to HDMI adapters, which are around $20 dollars, seem to be like hen’s teeth and our white boards have VGA connections…and then I am wondering if there would be a problem with the sound. White board and technology suppliers need to help us out so we can move with the times.

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