History apps

Titanic There are some really good histoy apps around for iOS. Some of them may well have Android versions if you check. HistoryApps has a number of freed educational history apps which seem to be for younger children or those young at heart. TechRadar recommends apps for an older age group but most of them seem to be paid apps. There are two free ones , though, which are well endorsed: National Geographic’s Titanic and Streetmuseum’s Londinium. Timeline Eons is another really good free app for history. eLearningIndustry has free apps for teaching American history.

Timeline 3D

Timeline 3D has a free version you can use but the fully operational software costs $65 USD. The free version means you can’t do things like add videos with sound or publish to pdf or web. You can map events, history, create 3D presentations and more. The website gives sound information about the software and the little video sums it up in a nutshell. I like that approach. Given you can also download a version which works to a reasonable set of functionalities, you get a good chance to see whether it’s what you want before you buy it if you decide the full version is for you. In the meantime you can get some good practice making 3D timelines which look pretty cool! I could have used this last term. Now I have to wait until next year.

Have you got your Twitter archive?

Twitter settings
Just before Christmas it was announced on the Twitter blog that users would get online access to their archives . Opening a Twitter office in Sydney does not seem to be favouring Australian users since I still do not have my archive. Not sure how this access to Twitter archives is being rolled out. It is a reminder that all you tweet is there and saved for posterity. Someone will be trawling through all the tweets and making pronouncements about them. You access the archives by going to your settings and scrolling down to the bottom of the page. The Twitter blog explains it all very clearly. You can then share your favourite past tweets on #TwitterArchive. No-one will really know the value or use of accessing the archive until it happens and people start doing things with their past tweets. Will the archives stay there forever? That is a lot of data back up. Will the archives have a shelf life? Will we, as users, always be able to access all of our archives? I did not used to tweet much in the early days so I am curious to see what I did tweet. I look forward to seeing my archives. I’d like to think they will demonstrate growth and learning in social media skills!

National Geographic Games

picture of gamesNational Geographic has a wide selection of games which would provide good support to a number of courses. They appear to be well thought out and well constructed. Some of them support subject content, some technology skills and the ones I have tried are both challenging and interesting.Have to confess the gecko one make me laugh. I am very bad at being a gecko!

Get to know ChronoZoom

picture of chronozoom If you are interested in earth and planetary history, this is the cloud application for you. ChronoZoom would create some spectacular visuals on a white board, if that is all you have access to and students on a laptop would enjoy exploring this site I am sure. The advantage is you can quickly and easily get an overview of planetary of earth history and then you can zoom in on any aspect which you need or want to. It creates a very clear perspective of our history. The clear and colourful design would appeal to students and it makes something which might seem a bit dry , if you just use a text book, have real meaning and value since it clearly emphasises exploring the knowledge on offer.

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