Extend voice recording in Garage Band app

Garage Band appImage: EssentialMac-UK

I was trying out the different apps I had on my iPad to see which one would be the best for voice recordings. I got to Garage Band and then got stuck with an 8 second recording which I could not change. When you see the 8 bars you don’t automatically think of clicking on that to make other choices to extend the recording . EssentialMac-UK is a very handy site for all things Apple and the clarity of instruction is just what you need when you are stuck. They have a post on how to increase the recording time. Please note that you have to do this every time you make a recording. It would be better if you could leave it on the extended recording setting. Maybe next app update?

Switch File Converter

switch file converter

Switch File Converter

I wrote a post about how to use Switch to convert audio files in Garage Band on your MacBook. Switch is a handy file converter for Mac or Windows and works very simply. It means you can play files on your iPod or phone or retrieve the audio files from videos you have made. You can switch between popular audio formats according to your needs because not all devices use the same format unfortunately.

Oral assignments on iMacs

picture of garage bandMy year 9 students won’t get their laptops until next term so I have spent this term getting them used to a technology approach for learning a language. At the moment I use my white board in class and then we use the computer room for 2 lessons a week. We also use Twiducate for homework and for giving me feedback about what I am doing. I must say they are very good at adapting and are very keen to try out new things. We were going to use Voki for the oral assignment because there are some good French voice synthesisers. They had prepared 20 sentences to introduce themselves as an avatar. That was all easy because they loved the avatars and so were keen to get their sentences together. We couldn’t record our own voices because the network blocked flash as we still use some Windows computers. What I then had to decide on the spot was how to resolve this. What we did was use Voki to rehearse the sentences which the students had cut and pasted into Voki and then could play and hear how to say it . They could still consult with me when they wanted to. Then we used the microphone button on Garage Band to record our voices. Some students played their recording to me on the iMac, some saved it to a USB and brought it to me so I could listen on my MacBook. These students have one year of French and the standard was impressive. When they can do it on their MacBooks it will be easier because they can record on Voki at home or we can still do it this way in class. Read some of their feedback. It speaks for itself:

I think it was great using garage band for the orals. It was a lot easier because I shake when I talk in front of audiences.

I think that working with garage band and Voki is good because you don’t get quite as nervous as going up in front of a class and doing a oral.

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting the French oral on Garage Band, because there was no pressure from the rest of the class and we could rehearse our speeches several times. I hope that next time I don’t have as many problems with my usb and iMac!

I really enjoyed doing the oral presentation on a computer. It was something new I never did before. Of course there were some problems, like this weird echo on the background, because of which I had to restart my presentation 3 times, but overall I had lots of fun with Voki and the Garage Band.

Really enjoyed doing the oral on Garage Band because there wasn’t as much pressure as doing it in front of everyone. It was really good apart from the background noise. It is also interesting hearing yourself speaking.

The oral was interesting and the first time I have done a French oral through the computer. At times it was hard to hear because of the background noise. Other than that, it was a good and fun assignment.

I really liked doing the Voki oral. It was interesting and fun because it was different. It was sometimes annoying because of the problems I encountered, but overall I enjoyed the assignment very much.

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