Get your digital presentation right

SlideModelSlideModel is typical of current sites where there is a lot of free content and then you pay for extra access or extra content. That is fair. The free version allows you to participate in the digital world and then if you like it you can purchase extras or subscriptions as you see fit. SlideModel has varying models and so you can use the site in a way that suits you. Not everyone has graphic arts skills. These Power Point templates can be used for presentations but you can also take a screen shot so that the individual slides present content in an aesthetically pleasing, clear way . It also prevents you from jamming a screen with far too much information. Keep it uncluttered and simple and use the design models to create the content relational links for you. I downloaded the free Circular Chevron template. I have filled in a French verb on the first screen. If you look at the image there are other slides where I can present content clearly and effectively according to what I am doing. The layout is there. You just customise the text but you can change the elements of the slide image too.

When it comes to fonts Google Fonts has lots of choices and they illustrate them really well. Then you also need symbol and graphic fonts so you can add icons. Icons help readers and viewers to navigate your information quickly. The graphic fonts allow you to enhance and support visual literacy.

We are presenting information more and more digitally. If you cannot do it yourself then the internet really is full of helpful resources and people.

Free Powerpoint templates

powerpoint templates Presentation Magazine has plenty of free powerpoint templates (which can also be used in Keynote or Open Office) for you to choose from. Go and have a look. I have got my goodies for my next presentations.

Classy Powerpoint presentations

VisualBeeI am comfortable making animated presentations in Powerpoint and Keynote and so are my students. I have spent time developing the skills and then  have shared them. Students are used to a moving screen and so when you want to get content across it works really well with something which is animated one way or the other. Not everyone wants to develop the skills but the world is becoming more and more visual. There are lots of things you can do as a teacher so that your students can be enticed into learning with a classy presentation. Obviously there are sites like Presenter Media which offer you subscriptions so you can download pre made animated templates. An example is here on YouTube. I’d want a try before you buy option with anything like that. I tried the Microsoft animated templates and so far I have not made the splash they advertised. More of a belly flop. I can enable nothing. I can change the settings on the developer tab and nothing. They might work in older versions of Powerpoint but newer versions appear to have an issue with Macromedia flash. Maybe Microsoft will put up templates which do work in the newer versions. Maybe not. You should not have to be tech savvy to get them to work. They are still nice templates, though. You can also get really nice templates here:

Free Powerpoint templates.

I have tried VisualBee, though, and have made such a cute presentation for my year 9s. You sign up to the site and ignore any messages about your username already being used. You then go to Powerpoint on your computer and open it. It works from there and you follow the instructions. Once you have chosen your template you save it to your computer. The VisualBee tab on your Powerpoint ribbon will then enhance your Powerpoint for you if you click on that and so a lot of the hard work is taken out of presenting. The basic free option gives you plenty to play around with and it’s a great new presenting tool.

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