Are 3D printers eco friendly?

3D printers can be eco friendly and they can be energy efficient. Like most technology developments the early prototypes are energy and environmentally disastrous and then science and people get to work to create better , more efficient models. We don’t need more plastic which cannot be broken down or is toxic. We don’t need devices which burn up energy. We do not need devices which add small particles to the air we breathe. Since 2013 a lot of work has gone into 3D printers and their energy and environmental impact. If you want to look at the issues 3D printers can cause with the environment you can look at this post on LIVESCIENCE but the world has since been tackling some of these issues. 3D printers could save overall energy and environmental impact by printing locally and in smaller numbers to match need. There is a 3D printing pen which recycles plastic bottles. Quora has been discussing the environmental impact of 3D printing but it comes down to us as consumers to know what we are looking for. If you want to know the materials used in 3D printing they are explained here on 3DPrinterHelp. As with anything else we buy we need to look for the environmentally friendly, energy efficient models. We cannot do that unless we know what we are talking about.

Brush up your keyboard skills

typing skills You can’t sit in front of a class with a laptop and not be able to type. Using a stylus to handwrite on a whiteboard isn’t energy efficient and it is an expensive way to write. Sometimes you do need to use a stylus and hand write because it is for a specific purpose – you are drawing or doing language characters. Typing is faster , easier for students to read and more efficient.The text can be copied and pasted into different software so you can save yourself a lot of time. When I use an electronic workbook on the board ,typing in the answers is quick. We no longer spend all day doing workbook exercises . We get them done and move on. I think one of the reasons some teachers don’t use a laptop well is they are not confident with the keyboard. Some are good with a mouse or trackpad but then have to write notes with a marker pen or stylus. Some teachers think ahead and type materials up and then show them to students. Teachers need to be able to type as fast as they are talking or someone is talking. So how do you get better?
1. Play games of any sort to increase your keyboard knowledge. Play word games, matching games, action games, hidden object games, card games. Games build keyboard skills.
2. Use a typing tutor. Don’t sit there for hours practising. Use and online site like Powertyping for 5 or 10 minutes when you feel like it. Something is better than nothing. A little is better than a lot because you probably don’t have the time.
3. Make yourself type. Type everything you can think of. Don’t touch a pen for a week. Just type everything you need to write. I was embarrassed again today in class because I couldn’t find a pen. I did actually have paper but my pens had gone again. I found it eventually right at the bottom of my bag. Pens need to go the way of the slate board.

You don’t need me to tell you it’s practice. Just bookmark a good typing tutor and use it from time to time.

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