Blue Mail for Android

Yesterday I downloaded and installed the free  Blue Mail app as an email client on my  Android phone. Until now I haven’t needed an email client. Why do I need one now? I have mail notifications I need to keep up with and prioritise. I don’t want to spend my time on my desktop trawling through emails and then decided which ones I need to respond to. Using my phone means I can respond straight away and quickly if I need to or just read and delete. It’s about getting the updates I need and quickly dismissing what I don’t need. Blue Mail installed quickly on my phone and picked up the email address I wanted effectively. it is then very easy to use and manage. YouTube has plenty of training clips if you want to be able to use all the functions properly and if you want to run multiple email accounts from email. At this stage I haven’t organised the multiple accounts. I need to get used to the app first. The is a review of Blue Mail on techrounder  and it really has had some good reviews. There is also a technical review as to why someone decided to forgo Blue Mail. It was written in 2014, updated in 2015,  and so, by now, perhaps the issue might be resolved. You can read a copy of Blue Mail’s privacy statement.  At this stage I have had no issues and the advantages have been immediate.

How to use Google Docs

There is a bit of an assumption that teachers will know how to use Google docs for online collaboration. Schools will run sessions which teachers find helpful and then , as with anything new which has several steps, until teachers have mastered that knowledge, they will flounder at some point or another. You have to keep coming back to some technical skills until you master them but you also have to explain the concept so people can understand it really well. Recently I have been part of two really good Google Docs sessions where the concept was explained and implemented well. There is still assumed knowledge, though, and so it’s good yo know there are videos like this one – Google Docs in plain English which makes the process crystal clear. So, if you are not sure about how to implement Google Docs or how it would benefit you and your colleagues – watch and I am sure you’ll get it.

The trouble with Thunderbird

Thunderbird I like Thunderbird for my email client but it gets a bit cantankerous at times. I have had trouble on Windows and Linux Mint 10 with it saving sent emails . it just keeps sending and sending and saving and saving and sending and saving. It does actually send the emails but doesn’t save them. To solve this I have gone to the inbox of my account, right clicked and created a sent folder. Ditto for the other folders like drafts. ThunderbirdI then go to the settings to other and set the account to save the emails to the folders I have specified . Thunderbird could actually do that for itself and it usually does, but when it is hard to get along with – just create your own folders!!

Save time, resources and energy

LinoItToday was about saving time, energy and resources by using technology. Our school will be introducing a tech help desk and it will save time trotting around to see the technicians. It will mean their input is automatically logged and it ought to mean we are less worried about getting tech support because it is right there on our computers. I have had the experience of technicians fixing my in class problems via remote and that is a bit weird and Halloweenish but it is also takes less time and energy. Sometimes you need the face to face conversations and you need to watch someone doing something so you can learn to be independent, but often a quick fix via remote is all you need or a technician just needs to know the sorts of things which are occurring. That adds to the big picture in a big school. I also used LinoIt for the first time with my year 11s. It was fun. Took some patience to set up but we had a really good and useful time practising the subjunctive and I wasn’t using real paper, nor were they locked in their own space on their laptop. I could see what they posted and could talk them through the edit or edit their stickies myself. No pens , no paper and shared learning. My email also went to work hard for me today to get out information and create contacts. It saved a lot of paper , photocopying , phone calls and legwork. It is a matter of getting the right tool. You travel much lighter with technology when you master the tools.

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