Lots of resources

ICTmagicI am going to say very little. ICTmagic is a UK educational site which has organised so many online classroom resources for you to look at. You need to go to the site and start looking! Plenty of choice and plenty of support for your classroom.

Lots of quizzes

quizI was looking for quiz apps and the only one I have found which I can’t really use for school but it works well out in the wild is the Trivial Pursuit app. Like its paper counterpart it’s a good social game. You can play it as a single player too. When I was looking I found the Files32 site which not only has a lot of software download information nicely gathered into headings, it has so many quiz makers, quizzes to do and quiz generators. Some are pricey, some are modestly priced but most of them are free. I have bookmarked the site because I know I have had trouble trying to find electronic quiz makers and I am more than happy to make them on my computer. I may just find something here. There seems to be something for everyone.

What Teachers Want

Try as I might, I could not get teachers to embrace Twitter, but we spent the whole day exploring ed tech and I ran a workshop and attended two others . From the day, even though there was a big thumbs down to Twitter, there was some real enthusiasm and commitment to other things. I like Twitter because I get a constant stream of up to date information on technology, classroom, content, educational issues and ideas. It has taken the search burden off me. I contribute and I take and it is a very balanced approach to global collaboration in my field of work. So what were teachers enthusiastic about?

1. Comic Life . They could see some real potential in this to the extent they want us to buy it.
2. DownLoad Helper. They wanted me to stop what I was doing and help them download and install it on their computers then and there. They could see it as a way of managing the internet outages we get from time to time. It would mean they can create a bank of useful video clips. DownLoad Helper works as an extension to Firefox.
3. iChatWhen our tech guru came and introduced everyone to iChat it was really good and it took off like a rocket because some of us were familiar with it and so we showed how easy it is to teach others and enable others when you all have access to a laptop. The whole session just buzzed and teachers could see how they could use it to good ends in a classroom and do a lot of laughing as well.
4. Twiducate Again this was something I was mentioning in passing because I wanted them to see the value of Twitter but they easily saw the value of Twiducate and really liked it. I was showing them what I was doing with 2 French classes and they liked what they saw. It is a good way to use that time at the beginning of a lesson when you are setting everything up.
5. Short video clips. They were very keen to follow those sorts of sites up.
6. SlideShare This was a big hit and teachers were searching and downloading as I spoke. They were tickled pink by the karaoke part of it.
7. Teacher Tube and You Tube

We also had more details of our LMS explained and that was helpful and enabled us to make better use of it in future.

So, teachers need to have a chance to explore technology. They need an opportunity to share tips and tricks and then sites and software and approaches which work for them.

Mac Educational Software

Znet has put together a whole heap of educational software for Apple Macs. From what I can see most of it is free trial so you can look before you purchase. If you click on the name of the programme you will see what the licence arrangements are. Some of it is totally free! The other site which has grouped and organised a whole variety of free software for Apple mac is the CQU free and open source software site. if you follow their links you can actually burn the software to CD for your own use.

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