International Children’s Digital Library

The ICDL is mustering many of the well loved children’s stories of yesteryear and quality children’s literature in many languages. It is becoming an archive and irreplaceable resource for language development and culture. The books are available as e-books and can be read on the site by turning the pages. The driving force behind the site is tolerance and respect for cultures. Award winning books are also featured and some very valuable links out to sites which promote reading and writing for students.

Electronic communication

electronic communication According to Workplace-Communication.Com there are 55 types of electronic communication. How many are you familiar with? How many do you use? Which ones have students mastered? Are there any missing? What purpose does each form of communication have and what is its impact? How do you alter the impact? How do you use each of these forms of communication effectively? The site discusses a number of issues and ideas. As teachers we need to be in control of electronic communication and we need to ensure students are getting the positives out of it and that they too have mastered the various forms of electronic communication. Literacy in the 21st century is demanding . The choices are impressive and each choice creates a different impact both on the net and for the receiver. Communicating electronically is about using the best tool for the job and then experimenting to see how you can change the impact. An example? I don’t read emails with a high priority alert any sooner than any other email. I decide what is a high priority in my packed agenda not someone else because they don’t have my life and my day. We need to use alerts and notifications better in schools. The world runs on streaming information and then alerting you to events and changes. In a school context there is a need for a high priority form of communication with an appropriate icon. While we are shifting outside time frames and walls we need to develop suitable protocols through apps, LMSs and email and smartphones which ensure we get the information flowing by way of content and then highlighting events, deadlines, priorities via alerts. Then there needs to be an accepted form of electronic communication for emergencies and emergency information. Things to think about and things to master – literacy first then functionality.It’s not about being tied to work 27/7. Effectively developed and implemented electronic communication saves time and effort and is not time consuming or debilitating.

Get yourself published!

CreativistThere’s a portal for everyone these days and if you want to be a writer , then Creativist might interest you. It comes with free and paid versions so you have a chance to get to know the site and what it offers before you commit yourself to any kind of payment. And yes, there is and app for Creativist. There is also an education version which you can enquire about. If you want to know more about it before you actually go on the site and have a look yourself, Benjamin Bathke has an excellent blog about Creativist and what you can do with it and how to use it.

Adobe Digital Editions

adobe digital editions I am going to get my pdf files organised and Adobe Digital Editions is the very thing since it has a Mac and a Windows version. It is free and designed to be used as an e-book reader and so it has the added advantage of my being able to create libraries for my pdf files. I can copy text by using Control- C and then paste it into other software if I need to. It is as easy as dragging and dropping the pdf files from my desktop or location to the Digital Edition. It’s only been out since at least 2011 so it’s about time I caught up! Digital Editions comes with its own pdf which you can read in the e-book interface and it has plenty of useful information to make the most of it, including keyboard shortcuts. There are also some sample books to download from the site.

E-book authoring

iBooksAuthorI shall not claim to be an expert on this. The opposite in fact. A while back I fiddled with e-book formats and programmes and found them relatively easy but the world has changed and moved on so that is all passé. We were talking about e-books today and how you might create them. PDFs are the easiest format because you can just create the pdfs and most devices will read them. I have French novels in pdf format and it is just easy and fuss-free. But what if you want something a bit cooler , classier and in hard copy? Those sorts of formats you will most likely pay for. Memento has great photobooks and they work well. Blurb also has some good ideas for publishing and I have seen print books from there too. I can only recommend what I have seen. Others may be able to suggest other sites and avenues for e-book publishing. Apple offers iBooksAuthor which means the books are both well produced, in terms of standard, and then particularly compatible with iDevices. As with anything on a computer – you just have to get going. If you still are thinking about it, these two sites offer some good help:

Making an E-Book

How to make an eBook

The main thing is to create an e-book which can be read anywhere on any device but if you actually want a hard copy of the book, then you need to look at the publishing options more carefully.

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