Finally up and running with Windows 10

Windows 10 I got sick of the screen which kept telling me that Windows 10 was working on it. Until today I was too busy to do anything other than try to get the upgrade going. It doesn’t seem to be installing consistently onto computers. Daughter got the notice like I did to upgrade, clicked on it and had it installed in no time. 3 days later and I was still watching the white dots go round. So, I thought about it. I went to the Windows Updates area after I’d watched the white dots of death for 20 minutes. My upgrade  was sitting there waiting for me to click on the install. If your installation isn’t automatic I can now suggest you go to the Windows Update on your computer. Just type Windows Update in the run menu (Win R on Windows 8). Windows 10An hour later and I am now happily on Windows 10 and  have a chance to explore it. I like the interface and the fact it acknowledges dual monitors. All I have noticed so far is that it has lost all my loose photos which I hadn’t filed into my folders in my photos library. No real problem. I have back ups. I have the message already I had better be very tidy minded on Windows 10. Currently it wants Edge to be the default browser and I use Chrome. There was no obvious way to change that but I’ll find it as I shall probably find the photos I had not filed. The taskbar on the auxiliary monitor has settled down at the bottom of the screen now as it should  and it’s really handy to have the taskbar on both screens. The picture shows a black section on the bottom of the left screen, that has all been sorted. There is no black at the top of the main monitor either. All good, so I’ll get back to work!

Dual monitor set up

I have chosen this video because it shows you the benefits of dual monitors. You can work across screens. You can have one thing open on one screen and continue on with something else on the other screen. Mine are set up on a Windows 7 desktop with one old Flatron L192WS screen on the left as the secondary monitor and my Acer T230H as the main monitor. The Acer is HDMI connection on the monitor to HDMI connection on the computer box. The old Flatron is VGA on the monitor (there is no other choice) to DVI connection on the computer box. It would not work with a VGA connection to the computer and I have to thank my NVDIA card widget for letting me know I needed to connect it via DVI to the computer. I borrowed a VGA-DVI adapter to do that. You can buy a cable but they are not readily available in Adelaide. One of the other benefits for me is that I can stand up and compute with the second monitor. It is slightly higher than the main monitor and so now I have choices in how I work at my desk! dual monitorsYou right click on the desk top and choose screen resolutions and set each monitor to the preferred resolution for that monitor. For my ACER it’s 1920×1080 and for the Flatron it’s 1440×990. On both monitors I have a very clear picture. dual monitors setupThe other thing you have to remember is to drag the monitor screens in the screen resolutions box to the right place . For me that meant the Flatron on the left (2) and the Acer on the right (1). I can now slide whatever I want between the monitors. As well as being more fun, it is more functional.

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