Put your home folder in your dock

If you clear your Mac desktop you need to access your files easily. I am using my home folder. To click onto it from the Finder menu isn’t what I want to do. Click on the Mac HD icon. Click on the Users folder. Move the home folder into the dock. Right click on the home folder icon and click folder and then display it how you want – either as a list or folders. You can then access what you want easily. Ubuntu does put the home folder in the dock as a matter of course. It is surprising Apple doesn’t. Don’t try to shift the home folder from the sidebar of an open window on the Mac. That is just an alias and you can lose it if you try to move it. It can be put back – but still. To shift your home folder you need to go to the users folder!

Turn URLs into Dock icons

Fluid turns internet sites into desktop applications on a Mac, so then you can park them in the Dock. It means you have your Dock filled with the things you use and a lot of what I use on a regular basis are specific websites. It is as easy as in the picture on the home page of the website. I had Fluid installed and my first website icon in my Dock in 2 minutes. The application is free…so no excuses for not playing with it. In the classroom you would be able to get students to have the frequently used sites stored on their MacBooks and then they could get into the habit of shifting them into their dock for the lesson.

Get rid of the bouncing dock on Mac

I confess I am not a fan of the Dock on my Mac. Past the point of playing with the magnification so I had a Mexican wave going and exploding things off the Dock onto the desktop which amused me for a while, I prefer a bar with icons that just behave themselves and stay still. The Mexican wave had to go because it kept enlarging icons when I was working on the bottom of the page of an application. The bouncing Dock is really rather kiddie and I have got rid of it. It’s easy. Click on the Apple icon top left of your screen. About half way down the menu you will see Dock. Click on that and then, in that menu, click on Dock preferences. This is where you set the Dock placement, effects and magnification. Uncheck the box labelled Animate opening applications. That’s it! Shut the windows and go back to work and your Dock will stay still.

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