Instagram best of 2017

Instagram best of 2017Instagram supports learning and endeavour. It encourages care, commitment, colour and creativity. On March 6th 2016 I had 6 followers and I blogged about it. Today I have 514 so I have come a long way. These photos don’t represent technology as such, but then again they do. I have been learning a lot in the last two years and I have been rewarded by support on Instagram. The photos represent the encouragement I have had learning to spin, to be sustainable, to support local, to care. The tiny teddies were my contribution to a group project to get 100 knitted for a pastoral program in a school. The blanket with the 4 white feet were when I had finished a baby blanket and then had the big challenge of crocheting an AT-AT . On Instagram you lead by collaborating and engaging. You learn by sharing and seeing. My photography with my phone has improved,  I have good followers and it is a very  positive part of my life. It’s a space where I am using my devices to share what I am doing but then get more ideas . I put myself out there and am calibrated against the rest of the world. You can get your own Instagram best nine by going here : 2017bestnine . This is a snapshot. Instagram is still adding likes to older pictures because people come and go on Instagram as they feel like it these days and it is common practice now to do a digital detox. By next week or the week after these images might change because the rhythm of Instagram participation has changed.

ICT – where now?

This video is 5 years old , has great music and sums up well where we have been and how we have striven to get technology into classrooms. We have worked hard on developing 21st century learning skills. The video also points to where we need to be looking now:

We need to recognize we can no longer simply educate students to become technology users – and consumers – without also helping them learn how to become critical thinkers about technology and the social issues surrounding its use.

Cynthia L. Selfe

It’s about finding the right tool for the job, looking at what is appropriate and not appropriate in terms of apps and software, looking for the most effective way or ways of presenting information or gathering information. Students are surrounded by technology out of school. As teachers we need to be aware of what is popular, what it means, what the social impact is and whether these tools can serve other purposes which would suit our educational needs. As the other Ms. Selfe quote says, we have to pay attention to technology. We have to be aware, share and dare to be different sometimes and allow that all to be peer reviewed. As teachers we need to take safe, well considered steps but if we discuss our ideas and think them through with others, there is no reason we should not try to make sound educational use of what is now a banquet of apps, software, tools and tricks. We are lucky we are connected teachers because we have the opportunity at any time of the day or night to get professional feedback and encouragement . We are never stopped, blocked or held up with what we need to do and we can validate our ideas as we have them no matter when.Our real and virtual connections mean we can be more adventurous and secure in our planning and ideas development.

My teacher is an app

my teacher is an app BBC 4 has some intelligent podcasts on digital learning and how it impacts classrooms and universities.The discussions and information are enlightening. There are other podcasts on the site which address other subjects which you might like to listen to.

My teacher is an app

We weren’t downloaded

This clip by jiayong puts  things into perspective. Technology provides a whole new way of thinking about teaching and learning. We are in the real world making connections with real people but so many of us now have the capacity to engage online and have a virtual world which can seem limitless. I have students who build computers and learnt that from the internet. I have students with YouTube channels who promote their talents. I have students who write and publish their own books. Those are the ones I know about. Should I know what sorts of online success students are having? Is it something I could incorporate into my teaching and learning programmes? I know from getting my students to blog they can better understand the value of accumulating knowledge across 2 years and seeing how they have grown. They can also connect with each other and members of their community. It then becomes exciting for them when they realise that their blog can connect with the wider world and that people out here will support them positively in their learning. We do have to teach them how to live in the real world but benefit from the opportunities provided to them by the virtual world and connectivity is part of that. Sharing and getting feedback. I have had to teach students how to email me work or send me messages or work over the learner management system. With younger students I have to keep refreshing the screen to show them their work is uploaded onto the learner management system. In lots of ways they trust technology less than older students and older people…and in this case it is one year older! Year 8s are quite different form year 9s. It is also because Year 8s love seeing technology at work. The video makes you think about whether you are moving with the times, so to speak, and whether adaptability is part of your everyday life. Things are changing quickly and so adapting is becoming a very necessary skill and much of that is to do with knowing how to demonstrate your growth in learning through technology and also knowing how to recycle digital files and knowledge into new platforms and approaches. I have files from back in the early 90s but I can easily upgrade that information into a 2014 format when I want to. I am never stuck with a jaded and passé look. Students need to learn to save work so that they can grow it in future years. We haven’t really worked on a concept for doing that and we need to.

Digital delights

digital delights for learners has so many good special interest sites for technology. Ana Cristina Pratas curates the Digital Delights for Learners site where you can get so much information on things to use in your classroom. That is all I have to say. Have a look!

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