Managing your online identity

If you google Cathy Woods you will find many references to the exonerated Nevada murderess who erroneously served 35 years in gaol. Google is swamped with people with your name who lead interesting lives. You do need to know what comes up under your name if you are running online accounts. Does it worry me? No. I could probably pay to get my profile up there on Google. Do I need to? No. People can find me if they want to because I manage my online identity so that those I want to find me can. If you google sally07 then my Twitter account will come up and it’s the reason I can’t change my Twitter handle. I have the account in my name but the handle is my old one from the days where we didn’t use our real names. The world changed and I blogged about my decision to be myself online. That Twitter handle has to stay, though.  It carries with it a lot of online positives. I don’t link my Facebook account to anything. Facebook is my online home, I suppose. I check the settings regularly because Facebook makes changes and then doesn’t let you know necessarily . It also broadcasts when you are online, what comments you make, makes you available on Messenger and tells everyone what you like. Stalkers paradise right now. I have turned the sidebar off and I log out now so that I maintain my privacy and the privacy of others. I have changed settings so friends of friends cannot see things. You really need to check your settings on online sites and you really need to be aware of how this may or may not be affecting you. My online identity is not the whole of me but it is a genuine facet of me.

Danielle Di-Masi’s video is a good way to start thinking about your online identity and the UNSW article about her follows that up. Forbes also has a good article about managing your online identity and then a link to some tips for improving what you do.

Some Android related security tips

Android image Image:Fiberdownload

This blogpost from Ed is really helpful. It’s the reason I am an email subscriber to his blog. He always gives us useful and essential information.

Ed's Blogue

As sales of Android have skyrocketed over the last year, here are some safety tips if you are using an Android based smartphone or intend on getting one.

  • Install the latest updates for your Android. The updates will generally include patches to vulnerabilities as well as better security options.
  • Before installing an application, do some research to verify the version is current and legitimate.
  • Before installing an application, review the permissions that the applications want access to [i.e. why does it need my contacts when it is a game].
  • If you are using Android OS version 4.1.2 or later, go to the Settings menu, look at the Security section and make sure that Unknown sources (or Allow installation of apps from unknown sources) is not checked. When not checked, this will prevent the piggybacking of applications which can covertly install as you are browsing the web.
  • Always lock the…

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Are you cyber safe? I’m not!

Internet safety I thought I was pretty good at being cyber safe. Then I took the test. I didn’t do very well at all. Feb 7th is Internet Safety Day in Britain and they have organised a number of good initiatives around this day. Some of the questions are related exclusively to Britain but you can make intelligent guesses to do that part and even so, I still didn’t do very well and that came as a surprise to me. Time to fill in my learning gaps and fortunately there is a pdf file you can download at the end of the quiz to help you smarten up. It is a matter of keeping the safety issues at the front of your head as you go around on the Net. It is important to be aware of the pitfalls and potholes you need to negotiate and it’s a matter of getting the good habits into your daily actions and transactions. Every day should be internet safety day. It should just be second nature by now. The quiz is a good way to start you thinking about how to conduct yourself in a better way on the Net.

Understanding Digital Students

Digital students Digital Students and Cyber safety is one of the most comprehensive sites I have seen dealing with HOW to understand digital students and meet their needs. The link refers you to a page which looks at the research by Dukes and Dosaj (2006) which discusses the substance of a lecture they gave in Singapore in 2006. It is a well constructed site. It has highlighted material to get you thinking, infographics, videos and then well presented and articulated text discussing their findings. To complete the visit there are some really good discussion questions at the bottom of the page to help those who work with digital students come to grips with the essence of what that might mean in terms of planning and implication. Those fertile questions would make good discussions points for educators. My own personal experience with these students is to ensure I consult with them . If I take something into class and it doesn’t work I always ask them what it was that failed to engage them and I’ll always ask how it can be done better. It is not pandering to their whims. These students are actually quite good at being open and frank about their learning needs if you set the parameters. It can make them laugh too. Last week I took in what I thought would be a really good presentation. Two classes of new students were bored witless halfway through so we laughed and talked about it. Today I followed their guidelines and used my own initiative and knowledge and they loved the presentation . These are students that you have to meet half way. They really do want to be active participants in their education.

Internet Safety

February 8th is Safer Internet Day. It’s a good day to change your passwords, clear out your cache, clean up your computer and use a programme like advanced system care to go through your Windows system and clean up your computer. For Ubuntu there is Ubuntu Tweak. For Apple there is Onyx. It is not just about cleaning your computer, though. You need to remind yourself and others that there are predators of one sort or another out there and they like to do harm. Conversations around those topics do not go astray. For teachers and trainers there are some great video and game resources at Thinkuknow, a site which deals with a lot of cyber unsavouries and puts you and your classes in the driver’s seat.

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