iPad 4 with iOS7

ipad 4We have just been generously given new iPad 4s to use in class as part of our revamped technology offerings for 2014. I have brought mine home to set up and it is taking a while. I found out the new iPad 4 is concurrently loading my apps from my iTunes account AND updating the iOS. That is service, but I have a lot of apps and the iOS takes a while to upgrade. There was a difference in the purchases screen about 5 minutes after I had connected the iPad to my MacBook. Much better. It sets itself up as pages and that makes it easier to manage. I am so glad I had my apps backed up to the cloud from my own iPad 2. Made the whole process painless. The iPad 4 has a micro connection to the iPad so I will be using the Apple TV to connect to my whiteboard. I have a wired vga connector for my iPad 2. That’s okay. Keep moving. I have Siri turned off until I check out the issues which appear to be with it at the moment and I am not quite sure what they are for iOS7 because I haven’t had it before. I couldn’t set the time until I put the location on. Location is under Privacy. I do not automatically allow my devices to broadcast my location. Once I turned the location on it set the time and then I turned location off again. Now curious to see if the time will stay in place after I turn the iPad off and back on again. I have a minute for the iOS 7 update to complete and quite a while to go to get my apps installed. Our technicians had thoughtfully put in a “how to sheet” with the new iPads. I just had to check I was running iTunes 11, which I was , and it has been very straight forward. Now I have to wait to see what the new iOS looks like!!

The 3 Cs of the 21st century classroom

teaching and learningUsed to be reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. Used to be teaching and testing too. That was the teacher authoring knowledge, content and the classroom. Technology allows us a more fluid approach because the world is changing rapidly , content is shared and created constantly and the devices and formats we use are changing on a regular basis. We are in the technology growth phase and so we have to learn, share and adapt. There would have been a stage in history where you could know everything there was to know about your world. Not now. Gadgets are multifaceted, computers can do so much, the whole world is at our disposal if we want to connect. The planet is sharing information and then recreating information with that new input. Yes, 2+2 still equals 4 but the number of ways you can now teach, show ,share and know that information is increasing everyday. You learn as you are passing it forward. You learn as you are trying to learn something else. You learn because someone sends something your way. We are all teaching and learning when we are connected. It doesn’t mean you don’t stop and really delve into knowledge in a deep and meaningful way. So our world is now constructed on comprehension, content creation and communication. We have to understand what we are sharing. We have to curate ideas, links, images, web content, presentations… We have to work with others to establish engagement and connections and then we have to communicate that information. Curation is becoming increasingly important as we sort the chaff from the wheat on the Net and in terms of tools and techniques suitable for teaching and learning. It’s neither lock step nor stop and start. Those were the cogs of the industrial era. It’s all fluid movement now. We now have constant teaching and learning pathways which we can connect, disconnect, reconnect as the need arises.

ICT meets the Personal and Social Capability

Personal and Social Capability in a nutshell

Personal and Social Capability in a nutshell

We are rolling out the Australian National Curriculum. My interests are obviously languages, literacy and ICT but I am in the Personal and Social Capability teacher learning community at school for the general competencies. It builds on all the work I have done with regard to well-being being one of our core responsibilities as a teacher. I was wondering , though, since I do have a commitment to ICT in the classroom and well-being, how well the Personal and Social Capability would mesh with ICT and classroom use of technology. I put the four elements of the Personal and Social Capability into a grid and then the general descriptors for each element. You can download your own copy if you want to:PAS in a nutshell.

As I looked at it, I thought we could not be doing better at getting a good fit between ICT and the Personal and Social Capability and that, if we were to view it through the PASC lens, we would have a very good and solid structure for introducing, implementing and using ICT in our schools. PASC at its varying levels is about developing sound communication, encouraging leadership, creating a basis for understanding in relationships, developing confidence and resilience and recognising personal qualities and achievements. It is about enabling or blocking yourself as a person and about enabling or blocking others within a group.

Technology offers opportunities for all these things. You can publish to the web or present in class to create a sense of recognition and self worth. You can use safe online sites like Twiducate and create a sound, ongoing feedback loop which encourages reflective practice. If you engage with safe online communities or look at sites from around the world you help to build international and global connections and perspectives. To use technology really well you have to be able to communicate effectively. The audience can be an international audience or you could be being read/viewed by a whole class of students. If you have problems you have to engage with others to resolve them because no-one can know everything about technology. You can’t just throw your phone on the floor because it is not doing what you want. Technology offers so many opportunities for learning and teaching. Everyone can learn and everyone can teach. More importantly, that has to be conducted in a civilised way so looking at cyberbullying and cybercrime can be part and parcel of technology use in class and the social capability offers some good indicators for showing that is occurring and it can be logically managed in an education environment.

iPad apps for productivity

appstreamIf you are looking move into explicit interaction and past the stage of cognitive interaction with iPads, then it is really important to find the productivity apps which will support explicit learning and interaction. The Educational Technology and Mobile apps site has a substantial list of apps which will support productivity and real thinking with  iPads. This post is well worth viewing. Print n Share is a paid app referred to in the comments. Do you really need to print from an iPad or mobile device? The app I have on my iPad is Appstream. It not only keeps me amused for hours, it brings me apps, I can filter the apps and it politely recommends apps for me.

Classroom Technology Snapshot

mot du jour Image: Ma Maitresse It is May 2013 and week 4 of term 2. What am I doing with technology in my class?

Year 8

My year 8s love using their mobile phones with the French apps I showed them in the first week of the school year. Before lesson starts the boys are playing soccer and rugby games on their phones with a French team in it because they know that relates to learning French. These students do not have laptops.

We have been to a supermarket online and done a cross curriculum shop
We are preparing an oral presentation on Cuisine which is supported by slides
We are getting better at using wordreference.com and reverso.net instead of a translator
We are making an electronic display of the things we like and the things other people like
We practice our vocab with Provoc and Imagiers on You Tube
We have uploaded exercises onto LMS

Year 9s

We have just presented an iMovie or PowerPoint/Keynote movie about ourselves in french
We have learnt space vocabulary with movies and ProVoc
We have watched little French videos of Cite de l’espace
We have learnt to use reverso.net and wordreference.com really well
We learn grammar from slide presentations
We are making a podcast in French of our shopping trip to the moon
We have uploaded exercises onto LMS

Year 11s

We are really good at reverso.net and wordreference.com
We have just watched a feature film Les Choristes
We are doing exercises related to that on our laptops
We blog about everything we learn
We do Mot du jour every week and explore a couple of words each week using a graphic organiser
We have uploaded exercises onto LMS

Year 12s

We are really good at reverso.net and wordreference.com
We have just watched a feature film Comme une image
We are doing exercises related to that on our laptops
We are blogging really well about everything we learn
We do Mot du jour every week and explore a couple of words each week using a graphic organiser
We have uploaded exercises onto LMS

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