Make thinking visible in action

I have had a look at Ron Ritchhart’s criteria for making thinking visible in the classroom. I found it very helpful and useful but I would have been lost without my students’ comments on Twiducate to help me!

Teaching for Effective Learning

This is the penultimate part of Domain 3 and it focuses on the construction of knowledge It is important to teach students to be as impartial and unbiased as possible and to be able to share their ideas effectively and willingly. Now that I have completed slide presentations for the whole of Domain 3, which is about developing expert learners, I feel better prepared as I go into my classroom in terms of actually having some good strategies at my fingertips for making my students learn better and more effectively. I have done it and now I can share that knowledge with them. Experience is a great teacher. 3.2 is here and 3.1 is here.

Ten tips for using classroom technology

Jose Picardo has shared his top 10 tips for classroom technology on You Tube. If we all did this as teachers , imagine how many ideas we would generate amongst ourselves because one tip goes a long way! He has covered the ways we can use technology in the classroom but we need to expand those ideas in our own way in our own area so that there is some real flexibility with technology use.

Miracle Workers

Taylor Mali is unashamedly a teacher and he does it well. He recreates so well the complexity of our job and he shows there is honour in it. I put up another one of his poems What Teachers Make here. From time to time we need to listen to people like Taylor Mali so that we remember we are doing something important, significant and utterly indescribable at times. We will carry on whether we get thanked or not, but , at last, our job is being recognised and described in a way that perhaps others can understand. We owe it to ourselves to be proud of what we do and know there is no better job than being a teacher in all its inspiration, complication and frustration.

DNA Extraction is an invaluable site for Maths and Science teachers. You can belong to the site and become a contributor and the bonus in that is the more we contribute to sites like this as teachers, the more material available for us all. Collaboration! The link will take you directly to the DNA extraction experiment. What impressed me is that the experiment was set out very clearly and then to the left are the multimedia links and options. Then there are the keywords which can contribute to the literacy standards of students and be particularly helpful to students learning English as a second language. Comments are also allowed which is a great way to get more and better ideas for any assignment. People who comment are invariably helpful and positive so it is an efficient way to work on improved practices and curriculum delivery. The other advantage of a site like this is when assignments are presented like this then we hare saving printing and electricity costs. It is far kinder to the environment to have material available in this format on line so the site is a good example of how we can help ourselves and our planet.

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