Which browser?

Chrome Which browser? All of them at the moment depending upon which operating system and what I am trying to do. They all have their strengths and their weaknesses and for a while one will be really good and then the wheels will drop off. At the moment I really like Chrome when I am on my MacBook and on Linux Mint. It works extremely smoothly, has very few issues, manages flash and silverlight well and I like being able to access TweetDeck from my browser and have other Google apps on there too. On my iPad it’s Safari and that works okay on my iPad but I find it limiting on my MacBook. On Windows I use Firefox but sometimes that has issues and I’ll go to Explorer. I find Explorer cumbersome but I confess it runs video really, really well so when I am trying to stream news video I will often use Explorer. If I am having difficulties with the major browsers I use Opera which works well on all operating systems. It is lightweight and uncomplicated. It serves well as a back up when all else fails because it takes the pressure off the system. Sometimes you have to wait for fixes and patches because they are releasing browser updates so quickly these days. We don’t have time to wait…so Opera can help.

Get your images in shape

Loupe - image collage I discovered Loupe by adding it as an extension on Chrome which makes it a pretty handy collage maker for class.It creates all sorts of interesting patterns with images.There is a gallery so you can see what others have done. I used Google images for the picture left but it uses other picture sources from social media, Instagram and so on. It is superfast on the image collation. I am certain students would love it.

Ghostery for Chrome

picture of Ghostery infromation as you browse Ghostery is an add on for Chrome which tracks the trackers on any web page. You often see Facebook Connect because many sites now are allowing people to connect with their Facebook page to vote for the site or like it or share a post. The picture I have posted comes from the SlideShare site. It gives you a quick run down on what else is connecting to the site, possibly for data mining or harm. If you click on Ghostery you can get more information on the reported trackers and then you will see the next picture.picture of further information from ghostery it is quite handy if you don’t know what the reported links are. On this page on WordPress there is nothing but WordPress will often come up with WordPress stats. They collect information about who is coming to the blog. It means you have a better idea of how web pages are being run and what information is being collected. When I first installed Ghostery there was a bit of an implementation dip for about 15 minutes where I was getting poor connections or no connections with some web pages as I was surfing. Reloading the page fixed that problem and it has run quietly in the background ever since. When you install Ghostery you have the opportunity to try the beta version of the blocking facility. I haven’t yet used that because I haven’t found anything as yet I want to block. I actually found it heartening that the sites I visited came up with what I would more or less expect to see. Ghostery is a good preventative action tool for while you are on the web.

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