New Year Resources

calendar has everything you could possibly want by way of New Year resources. It has messages, traditions, calendars, monthly calendars, horoscopes, wallpapers. There are so many things to help you get your New Year off to a good start and know where to come when you are looking to plan New Year next year. This site helps you to keep track of and organise everything ! No more scrambling to find your things and ideas for the New Year.

DIY holiday and Christmas templates

christmas magnets If you are feeling in the mood or you want your class to produce something for the upcoming festive season Microsoft Office has plenty of templates for a number of items. There are cards, newsletters, magnets, labels, gift lists. All sorts of things so that you can personalise your festive season. There are also calendar templates. I remember my daughter made personal calendars for all the family members on her computer one year when she was at school. She really enjoyed doing it because she loved doing artistic things and it meant she could give something unique and special along with purchased gifts. So , get in touch with your inner artist and personalise your festivities! is an amazing chronometric site with everything you could possibly want to organise trips, business meetings, calendars. It allows you to make custom calendars, annual calendars, find out when you are 10 000 days old, count down to events. It has weather and eclipse information and the important days around the world for each country. If you look up a city it has a wealth of information about times and the weather in that city.This site is a gold mine of information and it loads quickly, efficiently and is an extremely professional site. It doesn’t surprise me at all that it has won a number of awards and Steffan Thorsen, who appears to live in a beautiful place in Norway , if the photo is anything to go by, approaches his site in a very positive, comprehensive manner. Take a look. I am sure you will be posting this site into your favourites as I have!


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