New kid on the browser block – Vivaldi

VivaldiVivaldi is so new as a browser it still has its training wheels and dreams of a great life to come. It plans to be across device and it will be supporting onboard Mail. I have only tried it since yesterday and have just joined the community so I am less than 24 hours into this and I am using it as my preferred browser. The only issue I have had is it would not type text on the login page for one site I needed for school this morning when I was on my MacBook. Everything else has been fine on Windows and Mac. It also runs on Linux so it’s completely cross-platform and that is how things should be these days. It is a stripped down browser and designed to be efficient. No argument there. It is amazingly fast and very uncluttered. I am used to a tool bar so I have had to retrain myself and have caught myself out a couple of times looking for my toolbar links. Old habits die hard! I like having the bookmarks at the side. I like what it offers as preloaded site bookmarks in different categories both when I run it in French and English. It simplifies everything without compromising on speed. Pages load ultra quickly. Mostly it operates from a slim sidebar but there are settings bottom left and ,bottom right ,you can stop the browser from loading images and become even faster. The thing which I appreciated the most at school on my whiteboard was the fact I could increase the size of the web page text by using the slider bottom right. It made one lesson so easy because we were working from a French website and to be able to enlarge it just by sliding and then work from that image on the board made for a really good teaching option. If you go to the Vivaldi site you can download the tech preview and then be a part of the community if you want to . It also explains just how much of an open source collaborative effort this new browser is. 2015 at last. You can find them on Twitter @vivaldibrowser.

Block ads in different browsers

Yesterday’s post about blocking ads has generated interest and discussion and so today there is a useful video to show you how to use Adblocker in different browsers. It is not that I am against advertisements or advertising. When you use online sites in class then you have to have a level of safety and security about what is going to appear on your screen. Random ads can really come up with some tricky moments in class because the advertisers are totally unaware, as yet, that we show YouTube clips and use online sites in class. Some ads are just not right and , for that matter, neither is advertising. I really don’t like using my classroom as an advertising venue. It is something we need to work out and confront globally. Whenever I can , I check sites before I use them in class, but the Adblocker extension has just made it that bit easier. Dottech gives a written version of how to manage ad blocking along with instructions and images. If you want a bit more of a discussion of ad blocking then this article on Tucows has a reasonable look at it.

Waterfox – 64 bit browser

Waterfox I am now running 64 bit Windows 7 on my desktop. I had changed it to 32 bit because I thought 64 bit was the problem. It wasn’t. It was the 3rd party software which came preloaded with the computer I purchased. For over a year I have been running 32 bit…and avoiding Windows and using Linux Mint instead. 32 bit Windows 7 is too lumpy and annoying. I decided to try the 64 bit again. Good decision because I now like Windows again. It is running smoothly and efficiently and I don’t feel like it’s a nuisance. So what about my browser? I generally use Firefox and Chrome no matter what the operating system. Waterfox is the Mozilla 64 bit browser which you can load for 64 bit Windows 7 and it runs like a dream. It’s quicker, smoother and more efficient. The only thing it has not been able to do is drop my images into WordPress. Not sure why that it is. I have to manually set them as I used to before WordPress introduced the drag and drop image loading. You can download Waterfox from the official site where it gives information and plugins. You can also download it from CNET which gives a very good review. 64 bit is just faster at the number crunching and so it will manage the information more effectively. It will also make good use of RAM . With 32 bit you are limited to 4 gigabytes of RAM. If you run 64 bit Windows you can use all you have loaded with your computer or you can add more. 64 bit browsers do not have the same choice of plug ins but that will come as people realise they are more effective on a 64 bit system.

Which browser?

Chrome Which browser? All of them at the moment depending upon which operating system and what I am trying to do. They all have their strengths and their weaknesses and for a while one will be really good and then the wheels will drop off. At the moment I really like Chrome when I am on my MacBook and on Linux Mint. It works extremely smoothly, has very few issues, manages flash and silverlight well and I like being able to access TweetDeck from my browser and have other Google apps on there too. On my iPad it’s Safari and that works okay on my iPad but I find it limiting on my MacBook. On Windows I use Firefox but sometimes that has issues and I’ll go to Explorer. I find Explorer cumbersome but I confess it runs video really, really well so when I am trying to stream news video I will often use Explorer. If I am having difficulties with the major browsers I use Opera which works well on all operating systems. It is lightweight and uncomplicated. It serves well as a back up when all else fails because it takes the pressure off the system. Sometimes you have to wait for fixes and patches because they are releasing browser updates so quickly these days. We don’t have time to wait…so Opera can help.

Firefox 4

firefox4 download pictureI tend to change browsers a bit according to what I am doing , and, in recent times, according to which one is misbehaving. Browsers behaving badly has returned. Taming them can be annoying . I loaded Firefox 4 because it is cleaner looking and more efficient than Firefox 3. it’s a bit different int he way it operates so wither do the tutorial which loads when you install it or just be patient as you work though the different tabs. I think it is a nice, clean design and i am especially happy because it got rid of all the toolbars which some software seems to think we need. How many tool bar search boxes can you manage? How many toolbar add ons do you want?! Some can be removed easily and then removing them in the registry sends them away for ever. Others are rather hard to dispose of so reloading a new version of the browser is just wonderful. I now live in a toolbar free zone. If there are things you want to change about Firefox 4 or you want to go back to some of the older features, I can recommend these tweaks and tips from the Software Crew.

Firefox 4 download.

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