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The GoPro Hero 4 Session action camera is designed for action sports like snowboarding, water sports , scuba diving. It is totally waterproof and can be attached to cars and other moving vehicles. It is a 4cm cube and so is very portable and dinky. That’s not why I have one. The tiny size means you can put it in your pocket or put it on a lanyard. It can be carried with no fuss whatsoever. I take it out when I am walking my dog. I have had 3 dog attacks in 3 years walking my dog. One attack meant I was off work for 3 days and had no proper walking function for 8 weeks. Someone suggested I take a video of what goes on. I always have my phone but it’s a hassle trying to get that out and set the video function up. The GoPro cube has one button. Press for on and press for off. That easy. It therefore serves the purpose of being my minder. Its other purpose is because , as I said, I want to work on improving my video skills and coding this year. The GoPro doesn’t have a preview window. It is not designed to be an official video camera. It’s for action sports. That’s not me. I am finding other uses for it and it is fast becoming a best friend. You can bluetooth connect with a phone or tablet to get a preview of what you are doing but when you are actually doing it’s not particularly convenient.It is convenient to connect after filming to watch the footage. The way it works means I have to trust myself and my judgement. It is forcing me to get better at noticing what I am filming and how to hold it to get better footage. It is making me more intuitive. I then have all these little videos to sort through which give me instant feedback on what I have done so I can be better next time. I have tested it for filming myself talking at it and the result is very good and the microphones work really well. I read some reviews where they were complaining about the fish eye lens. I love it. Gives footage a surreal quality but it also takes in huge panoramic views easily. The GoPro doesn’t like to be confined. When I filmed myself my image wasn’t at all distorted in any way. This is a good learning curve for me because it is making me do something I don’t normally do: just go and film something and not worry about how it will look because it will look fine!(mostly). I have made this film on Adelaide because we are going through massive upgrades in the city and it is all coming together. It’s something I could discover and share.

Twitter Trends Details

adelaide Twitter trendsYou can always look at what is trending on Twitter from within but sometimes you want something more specific and related to a location. When you are wanting to do that then Trends24 is the site to go to. I searched for what was trending in Adelaide.

Padagogy – Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

padagogy Ian Green and Allan Carrington have been running padagogy workshops for faculty in Australian universities and now overseas. Allan Carrington has been blogging about it. The padagogy is based on Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy which I blogged about here earlier in the year. The visual approach which they have adopted (left) is brilliant . It just looks so effective and the sort of thing which should be hanging on our walls, be displayed on info walls and into the not so distant future I can see a big touch screen where you tap on any part of the wheel and it takes you to further screens and information. In the meantime I’d settle for a T-Shirt, a mug, a pencil case because this is one of the best visuals I have seen to advertise education and what educators can do. By using an in service approach with staff Adelaide University is ensuring better and quality uptake of the technology it is using. Comes back to the creating competence and connectedness of yesterday’s post about building engaged teams.

Blog Challenge #5 – Lift your image

Adelaide Image: my photos,Old Adelaide Photos, Government of South Australia 2011 I quilt.The nine patch is a good block for beginners to start with because you can play with contrasts, shades and patterns very easily and they are not a problem to sew together and turn into a nice quilt! Same with images. I laughed when I saw Facebook had introduced the nine patch onto its feed for multiple images because , to me, it represents a quilting basic. A nice patch image is effective ,though. I have blogged about image software and sites to use because an image with a post increases the likelihood people will read it. We live in a visual world and people like to look at things. So my 3×3 is showing you where I live. Adelaide. I used resize your image to get my images square. I then loaded them into Gimp and scaled them to 100×100 pixels. Had I been in Windows I would have loaded them into any one of a number of graphics programmes I have to manipulate images. I couldn’t get Gimp to do my 3 x 3 because I am no graphics expert. I loaded the images into Libre Office Draw and arranged them from there and then took a screenshot.The longest part of the exercise was the resizing and scaling. I now have a post where you can see 9 images and have some information which might get you learning and creating. It means I am now looking for a graphics programme for Mint where I can easily lay out images. Creating leads to learning and vice versa.

West Lakes Slideshow

I am attempting to load a gallery courtesy of WordPress support information brought straight to my dashboard. Now, that is how I like to learn.

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I cannot believe I did that. I am now my own personal hero…and isn’t that how you want students to feel with their course material and won’t it encourage lifelong learning? I reduced my original photos to 25% and loaded them up according to the WordPress support info and it crunched them all…that was exciting crunching photos and then I inserted my slideshow with another click. Bingo!


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